Dae Hair's Enriching Products Are Just the Thing for Dry, Damaged Hair

Just because I've never dyed my hair and haven't blow-dried, curled, straightened or otherwise styled my hair in years, doesn't mean I don't have my own unique hair concerns.

Firstly, I have very straight, very dark Asian hair, and my roots can start looking oily fast. Secondly, I haven't cut it since 2019, and it now reaches well past my belly button, so if I don't take care of the tips, they can be prone to dullness, split ends and more.

So, when I discovered that lifestyle, fashion and beauty guru Amber Fillerup, had her own haircare line, Dae Hair, I knew I'd have to give it a try. Lucky for me, the team behind the brand was able to hook me up with a collection of the brand's most beloved products, and I've been loving the effect they have on my hair.

The Brand

Dae Hair was directly inspired by Amber Fillerup's native state of Arizona, incorporating the scent of orange blossoms, the hues of the sunset and even ingredients derived from fabulous desert botanicals. The products are all designed to be simple, yet effective, and perfect for your everyday hair routine.

The brand is also environmentally focused, with vegan, plant-based products free of parabens, sulfates and synthetic dyes and fragrances. Plus, for every unit sold, they donate one shower's worth of water to charity: water.

Dae Hair Woman with Conditioner

(via Dae Hair)


The Products

Shampoo: $24+

First off, I'll have to comment on the gorgeous packaging for Dae's products. The Shampoo and Conditioner bottles have a boxy design that fits perfectly in my shower rack, and that also has such cute, soothing colors.

Of course, the Shampoo inside is even better than the bottle. It's the prettiest shimmery pink color, and it has the loveliest scent, like strawberry lemonade. As soon as I smelled it, I wanted it all over my hair, and the wash it gave me felt totally thorough and invigorating, leaving me with a super fresh, clean scalp. Now, my hair looks especially shiny and smooth on my washing days—and though I may still be overdoing it with an every-other-day wash, I don't care because I can't get enough of this shampoo.

Dae Hair Shampoo Bottle

(via Dae Hair)


Conditioner: $24+

Unlike shampoo, I use conditioner daily, and the Dae Conditioner has made my hair very happy. It comes in a similar bottle, and pumps out a lighter matte pink, with the same sensational scent as the shampoo. Even better, it leaves the ends of my hair feeling extra smooth and hydrated, and turns wet-brushing my hair after my shower into a tangle-free breeze. That's great, because when my hair gets knotted up, brushing it all out is a nightmare.

Dae Hair Conditioner

(via Dae Hair)


Prickly Pear Hair Oil: $36

Now, Dae's Prickly Pear Hair Oil is something different. Prickly pear is actually a common desert-inspired ingredient in many of Dae's products, and here, it works wonders to help smooth dry hair or treat hair overnight. However, my favorite use is to pump a few squirts of the oil onto my hair tips when they're still damp from the shower to imbue a little extra strength and shine—all with that signature Dae scent. Plus, if you're suffering from patches of dry skin, you can also use this remedy—featuring sweet prickly pear oil meadowfoam and moringa leaf extract—as a moisturizer.

Dae Hair Prickly Pear Hair Serum

(via Dae Hair)


Monsoon Moisture Mask: $28

Last, but certainly not least, is the Monsoon Moisture Mask, which makes use of prickly pear seed oil, cactus flower extract and cocoa seed butter to make a deeply moisturizing and thick hair mask. It comes as a thick white paste with a more neutral clean scent, and can be left in the hair 10 to 15 minutes (or even longer) to really let all of that goodness sink into the hair. I do this treatment once a week, on the weekends, and I love how soft and nourished my hair feels afterward. My split ends have essentially vanished, and I love that it's a big eight oz. tub, because that means it's going to last me a while.

Dae Hair Monsoon Moisture Mask

(via Dae Hair)


Bottom Line

After trying out these goodies from Dae, I'm now a loyal fan of the brand. Their products smell fantastic, leave my hair looking and feeling great, and even look super cute in my shower. They're also less pricey than many of the other deluxe hair products I've tried in the past. Of course, everyone's hair is different, so if you don't have straight, thick hair like mine, your results may vary. However, if any of these products appeal to you, I'd highly recommend giving them a try.


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