Everything You Need to Know About Dae Hair's Violet Hour Purple Shampoo

Amber Fillerup's Dae Hair is beloved by our beauty editors for a reason—the products actually work.

It's no wonder the brand is used by so many (with Emilie Kiser as the brand's unofficial hype-girl!) and with the launch of Dae Hair's Violet Hour Purple Shampoo, out today, it's something we think all blondes need to know about. Here's absolutely everything you need to know about Dae Hair's Violet Hour Purple Shampoo.

How much is it?

The Violet Hour Purple Shampoo retails for $30!

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Where can I buy it?

Dae Hair's Violet Hour Purple Shampoo is available at Dae Hair and Sephora.


Who should use it?

If you have blonde, grey, ombré or lightened brunette hair, this baby is for you!


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What are the key ingredients?

Key ingredients include cactus flower extract (which strengthens the hair and scalp), quinoa protein (which helps to retain moisture and color) as well as moringa leaf extract (which directly works with the hair shaft).

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What does it smell like?

It features Dae Hair's signature citrus scent (aka, it smells like magic).


How do I use it?

All you need to do is work the product into wet hair, massaging it until suds form. You can leave this in for two to four minutes, depending on the level of tone correction you're going for! It's recommended to use this one or two times a week.


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What makes it so special?

Amber told us she wanted to make a purple shampoo that was different from everything else on the market. Instead of a sickly chemical smell, she opted to give this the brand's signature citrus scent. She also made it a priority to make this deeply moisturizing, unlike other drying purple shampoos.

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