Everything to Know About Social Media Sensation and Publishing Entrepreneur Dai Time

Not every teenage girl has her own published magazine, but Dai Time isn't your average teenager.

The young founder of Dai Time Magazine, as well as the Dai Time Live podcast, is proof you don't have to wait until you're all grown up to start going after what you want in life, and the fact that she's also a singer and an influencer with more than 300k followers on Instagram alone shows she's no one-hit-wonder.

But what exactly makes Dai tick, and inspires her to accomplish all she does? As our latest Woman Crush Wednesday, we asked her in order to find out.

Dai Time Woman Crush Wednesday

(via @officiallydaitime)

Name: Dai Time

Hometown: From Atlanta, Georgia, currently resides in Los Angeles, California

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Fun Facts:

1. She's constantly inspired to create and share her life with people.

"I enjoy working with others because we all are unique and different."

-Dai Time

2. She has a big sweet tooth and couldn't live without candy—or Hot Cheetos.

3. She says she'd be a terrible receptionist.

"I love talking. I would never end the call."

-Dai Time

4. She says her biggest character quirks are the way she laughs and sneezes.

"My sneeze is to die for."

-Dai Time

5. Dai would love for Zendaya to play her in a movie about her life.

6. Her favorite superhero is probably Spider-Man.

7. She cannot stand bugs.

"Any kind, I'm straight screaming."

-Dai Time

8. The movie Grease always makes her cry.

9. When people come to Dai for help, it's usually for homework assistance or social media guidance.

10. She cannot stop watching James Charles.

11. Dai says that above all, she's hardworking, sensitive and a social butterfly.

"I love everyone seriously."

-Dai Time


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