The D'Ambrosio Twins Talk The Bay and Dish on Their Upcoming Spinoff Series, yA

Bianca and Chiara D'Ambrosio are identical twins who are proof that good things are even better in pairs.

The 15-year-old D'Ambrosio twins have been acting and singing nearly their whole lives, and it shows in their talents. After getting their start in the soap opera business, they've recently returned to the medium, making waves as twins Regan and Frankie Sanders on Popstar! TV'The Bay. But that's not all—they're also getting their own spinoff called yA, centered around their characters.

With the series' sixth season airing earlier this month, we simply had to know all about Bianca and Chiara's involvement, and what's next for them. Keep reading to find out what they had to say.

Sweety High: How excited are you two to be cast in The Bay?

Chiara D'Ambrosio: I'm so excited to be cast in The Bay. This show has such an amazing cast, crew and supporters, and I am so grateful to be a part of The Bay family.

Bianca D'Ambrosio: I am so excited to have been cast in The Bay! The cast and crew are amazing people and I am extremely grateful to be working with them.


SH: Can you tell us a little bit about your characters? What are they all about, and what do they stand for?

CD: I play Regan Sanders, who is the twin sister of Frankie Sanders. Regan and Frankie move from Colorado to Bay City, California after their father died to live with their nanna. She is very shy of new situations, and likes to protect her sister, especially when her sister is a social butterfly. I am so excited for everyone to see her relationships blossom and her character growth escalate during the season.

BD: Frankie Sanders is a girl who has had her life flipped upside down and has to abruptly move to Bay City. She is the spunky twin who speaks her mind. And she might also be a little too honest at times!


SH: How close are Frankie and Regan to who the two of you are in real life?

CD: Bianca and I are extremely close. My sister and I share everything with each other, and never are afraid to tell each other our deepest secrets. We trust each other and share a bond that can never be broken, which is how our characters Frankie and Regan are. Over the season, we were able to see a lot of ourselves and our relationship in real life merge with our characters, which was really cool.

BD: The bond between our characters and our bond in real life are the same! Chiara and I are extremely close, and viewers will see how our connection in real life adds to the family dynamics of the show.


What are some of the topics happening in The Bay that you're more excited for your fans to dive into?

CD: The creator of The Bay, Gregori J. Martin, really wanted the direction this season to reflect what is going on in the world. We cover the pandemic and protesting in Season 6, which is out now.

BD: Every episode is filled with plot twists and drama that leads to the unexpected season finale!


SH: What does it mean to the two of you that you're getting your own spin-off?

CD: It means the absolute world to us. A few years ago, we booked a Disney pilot which did not go forward. Unfortunately, this is part of the business. So to have this opportunity again means the world to us.

BD: It is truly surreal. We have been dreaming of starring in a television show together since we started in the business and now it has happened!


SH: What can we expect from the upcoming show, yA ?

CD: We go in depth on the problems teenagers are facing with the overwhelming power of social media, and how we accidentally change ourselves in order to please others online. You can expect a lot of relationship and family drama to happen in the show. I am so excited to see how everyone reacts to all of the secrets and lies in Bay City.

BD: yA dives into the world of social media and how it affects our lives offline. I am excited for viewers to see how crucial the social world is and how it has affected teenagers. Viewers can expect lots of drama of all kinds to unfold as the season goes on. I don't want to give too much away, but the drama is insane!


SH: Did you film the show during the pandemic? What challenges has that posed, and why has it been different from work you've done in the past?

CD: We have filmed The Bay during the pandemic. This past summer was different from any other shooting day I've had in my career. All of us were socially distanced outside and wearing mandatory masks while waiting for our scenes.

A major challenge that posed during filming was making sure to get tested multiple times in a work week and keep everyone on set safe.

BD: We have filmed a few episodes for Seasons 5 and 6 of The Bay during the pandemic. Working during this time has been drastically different from other projects in the past. The whole time on set, the cast and crew had to wear masks and social distance as much as we could. There was also testing on set at least three times a week. I am extremely grateful to the crew of the show for making work safe.


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

CD: We have a few projects coming out in 2021 including a horror movie called Slapface, and a sci-fi film releasing summer 2021.

BD: Right before the pandemic I was lucky to work with Justin Long and Melanie Lynskey on a film called Lady of the Manor. It had an amazing cast and crew, also including Judy Greer and Ryan Phillippe, and is out in 2021.

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy holiday season!


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