This Is the Dress Color You Should Wear to the School Dance, Based on Your Hair Color

Picking out the perfect dress for the school dance is one of the highlights of the big event. The only problem? Choosing just one!

There are so many good options out there, so how do you know if you're picking the one that's most flattering on you? Simple: Pick a dress in a color that flatters your hair hue. This easy trick will really make you pop!

Ahead, find out what dance dress color you should wear, based on your hair color.


The best complement for icy hair? It's as cold as your strands—black! Opposites attract and black is such a standout color for platinum hair babes because it contrasts so brilliantly and adds a little rock n' roll edge.

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Jury is still out on whether blondes have more fun, but one thing we know for sure? Blondes look the best in ravishing red! Red is a primary color as is yellow (aka blonde), which is why they go together so well. Choose a rich red dress to really make you pop on the night of the dance.

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Light Brown

Cue all the warm, cozy colors! Light brown hair is so soft and pretty and plays well with peach, golden yellow, copper, coral and brown shades with warm undertones. These will brighten up your face and make your eyes stand out, too. 

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Brunette babes can pull off earthy tones like nobody else. Think bark brows, forest greens and amber hues–basically anything you'd find in a warm woods sunset. This will play up the richness of your chocolate brown tresses.

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There's a reason why redheads always wear green… There's no denying that green in any shade is a redhead's best friend! As if you already don't stand out enough with your crimson mane, throw on an emerald green dress and just listen as the compliments roll in.

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Raven-haired babes are total sirens when they rock jewel tones, but there's one shade in particular that's a total knockout: cobalt blue. This striking shade will turn heads, and it also contrasts beautifully with your jet black locks. Extra points if you have light eyes, because cobalt will really make 'em stand out!

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