You'll Relate to These Truths If You Practically Live at Your Dance Studio

It's not uncommon for a dancer to call their studio a second home.

If you're someone who lounges in their leotard more than any other type of attire, scroll below because you just may relate to the following truths:

1. Your best friends in the world also live at your dance studio. And, while they're your BFFs, they're also your biggest competition. But you know how to keep it friendly.Still from Center Stage of dancers talking in hallway.

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2. Sure, maybe you shouldn'make yourself comfortable behind the front desk, but you're basically family with all of the staff and feel inclined to make yourself at home.

3. The person in charge of the new year's class schedule took you into consideration before finalizing which classes would be held on what days and at what time. This scheduling madness ensures that you can be in the maximum amount of classes. The director's life would be a whole lot easier if you could just use a Time Turner to be in two classes at once. But, alas, we can't all be Hermione Granger.

4. You have spot where your dance bag goes. When someone else puts their stuff in your spot you know there must be a new girl in your neck of the woods.

Pink dance bag with pointe shoes and water bottle.

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5. Just like your dance bag, you also have a favorite spot on the studio floor… but this spot probably changes from class to class.

6. By the time hip-hop class rolls around, you're a sweaty mess and your hair is all kinky from the ballet bun it's been in for hours. While some girls come dressed to impress, you're just trying to undo all of the "turn out" technique you learned in your previous class.

7. Eating a salty snack before class is a no-no, especially if you have to slip into pointe or tap shoes.

Row of ballerinas on pointe in ballet class.

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8. Across the floor coupling can get political. When your dance BFF pairs up with another dancer… feelings = HURT.

9. You either eat dinner like a senior citizen at 4:30 in the afternoon or super late once you've finally gotten home from dance and can dig into dinner and homework.

10. On any given weeknight or weekend you have to let your school friends down easy: "Sorry, I can't. I have dance." This is basically your social life mantra.

11. You know which ballet teachers will let you get away with wearing an outfit of leg warmers, loose buns and shirts over your leo… and which ones will not. 

Group of dancers waiting on floor for class to begin. Close up of leg warmers.

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12. You get a little snooty about a new dancer before realizing that she's destined to become a member of your BFF dance group. Plus, to be fair, she's probably the one who stole your dance bag spot earlier!

13. Despite your crazy Monday-Saturday schedule, you feel sad on Sunday when you don't have dance class.

14. Dishing on dance drama with your school friends is more trouble than it's worth. You forget that not everyone has a select French vocab and won't get how So-and-So jete-d right into What's-Her-Face's fouette routine.

15. Sometimes you wish you were a normal kid who didn't spend every waking hour at either school or dance-related events, but then again, who are you kidding? You can't live without dance.

Hip hop dance group competing at a competition.

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16. Your favorite dance teacher is the coolest person you know and they probably teach you way more about life than just how to spot for a perfect pirouette.

17. You choreograph to songs in your head while you're falling asleep or on a long drive. You just can't help it!

18. Truth be told, you know that auditions for the Company are completely for show. Everyone knows who's making which teams before tryouts even begin.

19. Your worst nightmare involves you backstage on recital night with absolutely no memory of your dance routine and, omg, where did your costume go? Did somebody say solo?

20. Every single day you start your first class super sore from the day before, but by the end of the night you're as flexible as Gumby.

Two dancers stretching on the floor.

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