Pop Singer Daniel Skye's New Single 'On' Is Everything We Could've Hoped For

It's Friday the 13th, but we have just the thing to put you at ease—new music!

From pop singer Daniel Skye, to indie group Bahari, these artists' fresh tunes will have you feeling lucky on this doomed day. Go ahead and listen to them below NOW!

1. "On" by Daniel Skye

Pop artist Daniel Skye has blessed us with his groovy tune "On." We dare you to listen to it without bobbing your head or clapping your hands.


2. "I Miss You" Grey feat. Bahari

Indie pop trio Bahari teamed up with electronic duo Grey for their sultry new track "I Miss You." It's a song all about missing an ex even when you're trying hard to prove you don't miss them at all. This one definitely hits home.


3. "Blackout" by Julie Bergan

With its blend of upbeat backtracks and soothing vocals, listening to pop artist Julie Bergan's "Blackout" will simultaneously leave you feeling hyped and serene. It's a must-add to any of your weekend party playlists.


4. "Kids (Ain't All Right)" by Grace Mitchell

Listening to this punchy tune from alternative artist Grace Mitchell will no doubt unleash your inner rock star. We hope you've practiced your air guitar, because it's about to go down.


5. "Ultra Violet" by The Katherines

If you fall in love with a new band this week, let it be pop trio The Katherines. These lovely ladies just released their poignant debut album To Bring You My Heart and we're obsessed. We took a strong liking to their song "Ultra Violet" for its catchy lyrics and poppy instrumentals.


Check out all these tunes on the Spotify playlist below:


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