Danielle Cohn Dishes on Her Adorable Relationship and New Music Video

Danielle Cohn's 14th birthday was like any teenager's—surrounded by friends, opening presents and having a dance party.

But unlike your average teen, Danielle's friends are social media stars, her present was a Pomeranian puppy and the dance party was in celebration of newest single and music video, "Little Like Paradise."

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The music video features Dani, her friends and her boyfriend Sebastian Topete enjoying a beach day in Santa Monica, California—the perfect backdrop for a song about "Paradise."

Dani shared told us her production team wanted to film the video in another country, but she insisted on staying home.

"I really wanted to film it in L.A.," she said. "There's a line about the 'Cali sun,' and I just think Santa Monica is so cute!"

And what was it like filming romantic scenes with her real-life boyfriend?

"I like doing music videos with him because it's easy," she explains. "We have great chemistry, and we don't have to fake it. He understands that it's my career. One day maybe I'll have to shoot with another person, but I don't want to."

When they're not shooting music videos, Dani insists that their relationship is not that exciting: "We're the boring-est couple ever! We just sit at my house with my parents. Everywhere we go, we're with our parents."

Sebastian took Dani out on their first official, parent-free date later that night.

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