Danimals Ad Stars Ross Lynch and Bella Thorne!

Disney Channel stars Bella Thorne and Ross Lynch have teamed up to get "burstified" in a new ad for Danimals smoothies. They're also helping to promote the "Rally For Recess" campaign!Danimals Ross Lynch Bella Thorne

The Austin & Ally and Shake It Up actors star in the new ad, where the burst of yogurty flavor gives them each crazy makeovers and the energy to juggle and jump on pogo sticks!

In the past, Bella starred in Danimals ads in alongside the Sprouse Twins.

Danimals is also in the middle of its "Rally For Recess" campaign, where kids can enter to win a $30,000 playground makeover for their school! Check out details for the contest here!

We hope more ads starring the duo will air in the future!

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