Dara Sisterhen Discusses Music and Dog With a Blog!

Dara Sisterhen is a singer, songwriter, and actress who has received attention for her beautiful singing and musical wisdom behind her years.

We spoke with Dara (pronounced dare-uh) recently about her history with music and her more recent forays into acting!

Dara Sisterhen performs

Dara Sisterhen has played the guitar and written music since she was 8 years old. She comes from a very musical background, as her mother was a professional singer and dancer, performing in musical theatre.

"I get it from her," Dara said of her musical talents.

Dara's great grandfather was also a masterful banjo player. She never met him, but his legacy is still inspiring to her.

Dara Sisterhen is often compared to Joni Mitchell, a folk singer-songwriter who was very prominent throughout 1960s and 70s. She's best known for the complex poetry of her music.

"Joni Mitchell is a really big inspiration for me as a songwriter," Dara said. "She's so honest and truthful with her lyrics I just want to listen. She's really inspired me and I aspire to be like her."

Currently, Dara is writing songs for her upcoming studio release. It'll be her first!

She's also an actress, appearing in shows including Victorious and The Jadagrace Show.

"So far my favorite role I've played was in Dog With a Blog on the Disney Channel," Dara said. "The first episode I was on recently came out, and I can't wait to see the next one when it airs sometime this summer."

Dara Sisterhen

Dara is also an advocate for Optimist Youth Homes.

"It's a really cool little complex for struggling teens where they help them sort our their lives," Dara said.

Optimist Youth Homes takes care of high-risk youth, including kids without parents, and helps them make better futures for themselves. They also have their own high school with one staff member for every 4 students.

"I met a kid who got an A in class there for the first time there," Dara said. "It was really cool to see that."

Though Dara is already a talented musician, she doesn't think she'll stop trying to improve any time soon. She advised other aspiring musicians to do the same.

"Just keep learning your instrument," she said. "It's never learned completely. If you're not a songwriter, try writing a song anyway. You might really enjoy it. Support every bit of it than you possibly can, and always keep learning."

What are some interesting facts about Dara that very few people know?

  • "I love 80s and 90s rap music."
  • "My favorite candy is Kit Kats."
  • "I'm a pretty good basketball player but I don't play since I broke my wrist."
  • "The town I'm from in North Carolina only has like 4 stop lights."

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