Dara Sisterhen Talks Women Power at Girltopia!

Dara Sisterhen is a teenage singer-songwriter and actress who has appeared on shows including Disney's Dog With a Blog! She was one of the performers at Girltopia, a massive Girl Scout event dedicated to promoting girl power!Dara Sisterhen Girltopia

Dara Sisterhen chatted with us at the event about getting to see what Girltopia is all about.

"I think it is so empowering to young girls today because they really get to come here and express themselves," Dara said. "It's just a really fun event for everyone to kinda like come together."

While Girltopia allows Girl Scouts to meet celebrities and see cool exhibits and performances, Dara believed it was mostly about bringing girls of all kinds together!

"When you're young, you need your peers," she said. "I just think it's really cool how they can just come here and be girls."

She added that girl power is super important, because for so long, boys have always been the ones in charge.

"Like in the song 'It's a Man's World'" she said. "No! It's becoming a woman's world. We're getting more insight on politics and jobs and just everything. I think it's so important."

Dara loved getting the chance to be a part of the Girltopia festivities, including walking the BYOU Magazine pink carpet.

"It has been amazing," Dara said. "I am so glad and so happy that I got to do this."

She told us the Girltopia gig was everything she hoped it would be.

"I'm from North Carolina so I was there for a while and then I get back here and get to do this. It's just been really amazing," Dara said. "Everyone's been great here and it's such a cool experience to see everything."

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