Quotes From Netflix's Dash & Lily to Use as Your Next Instagram Caption

Netflix's new series Dash & Lily has a little bit of everything wonderful.

What more could you ask for than a holiday rom-com based on a beloved YA series? It's sweet, refreshing and full of festive cheer, and if you haven't checked it out yet, you're about to be obsessed.

And did we mention its characters are also super quotable? Keep reading for some of our very favorite Dash & Lily quotes, which happen to double as excellent Instagram captions.

For the sweet pic of you and your loved ones at the holidays:

"In my family, Christmas is all about love."



For showcasing a very important handwritten note:

"That's definitely girl cursive right there."



For when you've had an epiphany:

"Sometimes the best answer to a problem makes itself heard, but only if your mind is quiet."


Dash & Lily: Dash and Lily face to face

(Dash & Lily via Netflix)


For when you're upset and you just want to wallow a bit:

"If you can't find the rainbow, then stand in the rain and scream."



For when you're feeling slightly hopeless about your relationship prospects:

"I'm not good at meeting guys or talking to them. I'm good at scaring them away."


Dash & Lily: Lily in bed reading notebook

(Dash & Lily via Netflix)


For when you're feeling extra grinchy:

"It's the most detestable time of the year."



For when you've been dropping some heavy clues for your crush to find:

"I've left some clues for you. If you want them, turn the page."



For when you're in desperate need of some quiet time on your own:

"It's my Christmas gift to myself. Solitude."


Dash & Lily: Dash reading notebook

(Dash & Lily via Netflix)


For the photo of that moment that changed everything:

"Until that moment, I honestly thought I fit in. That I'd always fit in. All I had to do was be me."



For expressing how you truly feel post-breakup:

"That's not how love works, you either feel it or you don't."



For announcing that you're getting back into journaling:

"If there isn't something I can say out loud, I write them down here."


Dash & Lily: Lily looking down at notebook

(Dash & Lily via Netflix)


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