7 Original Date Ideas for Homebodies Who Just Want to Stay In

If you're not careful, dating can get really expensive, really fast.

And date nights out aren't just draining for the wallet. They can also be a big chore for homebodies who'd much rather than stay in and hang out. Of course, the same old routines can also make a relationship feel monotonous. Instead of doing the same old things over and over again, keep reading for some of our favorite lovely date ideas that don't require leaving the house.

Take Part in a Taste Test

Add a little something extra to your date night snack session by turning it into a fun taste test. Buy one of every flavor of something available at the store—whether it's Oreos, Pringles or M&M's—and take a scientific approach to digging in. Try a little bit of everything, compare notes and rank from your favorite to least favorite. Not only is the process fun (and delicious) but you might also learn a little something about your partner in the process.

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Play a Collaborative Video Game Together

Video games can make for the ultimate bonding experience, but unless you're both seasoned gamers with about equal skill levels, playing competitively against each other isn't always conducive to a smooth date. Instead, try playing something that's all about working and finding solutions together in order to get to a common goal. Some of our current favorites are Unravel Two, Snipperclips Plus and Portal 2, which are all collaborative experiences that require talking and working through things to solve tasks. Learning to work through conflict together is invaluable in a relationship, and you'll have a blast at the same time.


Cook or Bake a Unique Treat

Anyone can order pizza or Chinese takeout for a date night. Instead, make your experience special by building a home-cooked meal together from scratch. By breaking up the meal into tasks for each person, you can cut down the time it takes and grow closer at the same time. After all, a meal always tastes better when someone cooks it for you with care, and that fact is doubly true when you make it with someone special. Maybe you'll want to follow along with an online cooking tutorial, or do things the old-fashioned way by following a cookbook. Either way, you'll both love that it doesn't involve getting dressed up, dealing with other people or tipping anyone. Plus, the menu is entirely up to the two of you.


Create Your Own Unique Movie Marathon

Are you used to putting on a Netflix movie, only to find that everyone watching it is only half paying attention because they're glued to their phones? Put your attention spans to the test by each picking a movie for the two of you to watch, and then viewing them back-to-back with no phones allowed. Have the popcorn and snacks ready, and allow yourselves to truly get immersed in the film. It'll be just like going to the movies, except in the comfort of your own home.

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Have a Spotify Listening Sesh

The very best dates are the ones you craft together. Give yours that personal touch by creating personal playlists with a lively and romantic theme, and incorporating their very favorite musical artists and a few songs that mean something special within your relationship. Then, make those meaningful songs the backdrop to your date night and you'll both be loving every note.

Popcorn Read Your Favorite Book

If you're passionate about a lot of the same things, including your favorite books, why not share them together? Take turns reading each other an old classic, or a new title by a beloved author, and you'll gain a whole new appreciation for the story, tied to a memory that you won't be able to forget.

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Call Over Friends for a Double Date

Just because you don't feel like going out doesn't mean your date night has to be restricted to just you and your S.O. If you have other couple friends, they can join in on the fun, as well. You don't have to go out to a restaurant to enjoy a great meal, and movies on the couch are even more fun with more people. Just don't invite anyone who's going to feel like a third wheel.


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