Our Definitive Ranking of Marvel Superheroes, Based on Dateability

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of my all-time favorite movie franchises.

I love the complex and intertwining storylines, I'obsessed with the powerful female characters and I often find myself dreaming of having my own superpowers that would allow me to assist the Avengers in conquering evil. But I would be lying if I didn't admit that the super hot male characters are also a big draw of all Marvel movies.

Although I love them all, not all Marvel men are exactly boyfriend material. So if I had to pick just one IRL, which superhero would rank highest on the dateability scale? Keep scrolling to find out.

13. Doctor Strange

Unfortunately, Doctor Strange ranks at the very bottom of my list when it comes to dateability. He's egotistical and self-centered, which stems from a general feeling that he's better than everyone else around him. Christine tries to help him through a difficult time, and he's a total jerk to her for no reason other than that he's wallowing in self-pity.

I totally acknowledge that he changes and grows over the course of the movie, but he really doesn't lose those qualities. Instead, he just decides to channel his sense of self-importance into something other than whining about not being a doctor. While he's incredible as a superhero, I'm pretty sure his massive ego would always make him the center of any romantic relationship, which I just can't get on board with.

Doctor Strange: Stephen Strange in sorcerer gear

(Doctor Strange via Marvel Studios)


12. War Machine

Ugh, poor Rhodey. He's sweet, loyal and kind, and he has as well-defined sense of morality that guides all his actions. On paper he would make a great boyfriend, but unfortunately he's so low on the list because I just don'want to date him.

Sure, he's levelheaded and ambitious, but he's also stiff and rule-oriented, which eliminates any sense of fun or spontaneity. Rhodey's the type of person you want to hang out with, but you would probably feel guilty confiding all your deep, dark secrets to. That kind of strictness just isn't that conducive to an exciting relationship, pushing poor War Machine down to No. 12 on the list.

War Machine

(Iron Man 2 via Marvel Studios)


11. Vision

Ah, good ol' Vis. Much like Rhodey, Vision is a little too calculated and detached for my taste. Of course, he can't help it—he's basically a living computer who's still learning basic human emotions. He's a complex creature with a definite capacity for empathy, but his computer-driven brain makes things a little too black and white. In general, his emotional intelligence is lacking, which would make it hard to be expressive and open with how I'm feeling—a combination that doesn't necessarily lead to the best romantic relationship.


(Avengers: Infinity War via Marvel Studios)


10. Star-Lord

While Vision is a living computer that shouldn't necessarily be expected to have emotional intelligence, Star-Lord is also lacking this relationship must-have, simply because of who he is as a person. I chalk it up to his rough childhood, but the dude is literally incapable of being vulnerable and oftentimes can't even tell people how he's feeling. His inability to process his own emotions in a healthy way leads to a lot of problems—for example, dooming half the universe because he couldn't contain himself long enough to refrain from hitting Thanos, not that I'm bitter or anything.

Still, Peter Quill does consistently show that he has a deep capacity for care and empathy. If he could face his demons and learn how to effectively manage his emotions, he would be an incredible boyfriend. Until then, however, he's bumped to No. 10 on the list.

Star Lord

(Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 via Marvel Studios)


9. Bruce Banner

When it comes to discussing Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, I do have to make a slight differentiation between the two sides of his personality. Bruce is intelligent, kind, generous and warm-hearted. He has a good head on his shoulders and, though he's a little impulsive at times, he generally makes the best decisions he can, both for himself and for the good of everyone around him. If I were only talking about Bruce, I would date him in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, there's the small problem of turning into a giant green killing machine, which often happens at the most inopportune of times. I hate to judge him on one flaw, but you have to admit it's a pretty big flaw. Considering my life may not be safe in his hands, I have to place him a bit lower on the list.

Bruce Banner

(The Avengers via Marvel Studios)


8. Ant-Man

Unfortunately, despite his growth over the course of two movies, Scott Lang isn't the most reliable human. He's a little flighty and impulsive, making it hard to count on him in tough situations. I mean, most of the second movie revolves around the fact that he ran off to Germany with the Ant-Man suit without anyone's permission, including the guy who owned the suit. Plus, there's the whole issue of a criminal record that would always have me feeling a little nervous.

However, I will say that he knows how to be there for his daughter. Maybe if the right woman came into his life, he could ditch his unreliable ways and pull it together, but I'm not in the business of waiting for people to change, so I'm not really considering Scott boyfriend material.

Ant-Man: Scott Lang finds his costume

(Ant-Man via Marvel Studios)


7. Iron Man

Ah, Iron Man—the stereotypical playboy. I'm not judging Tony for his past. Everyone has their wild days, and even though he seemed to have no respect for women in general, he's definitely pulled it together present-day. However, I also think that the only person who can capture Tony's wandering eye is Pepper Potts. They're a perfect pair who are totally meant to be, especially because Pepper seems to be the only one who's willing to put up with Tony's ridiculous antics and sometimes-selfish ways. Considering I'm no Pepper Potts, I can only imagine that Tony wouldn't treat me that well, though I do concede he's a pretty amazing partner for Pepper.

Iron Man

(Iron Man 2 via Marvel Studios)


6. Falcon

Sam Wilson ranks firmly in the center of my list simply because there's nothing wrong with him. He's an ambitious, level-headed guy who's willing to put his life on the line to protect the people around him. He's a good listener, but he also stands up for his own opinions. Overall, he's got great qualities, and I think he's totally dateable IRL. However, in a world of super-hot male superheroes, there are those who outrank him—what can you expect when he's competing against super soldiers and gods?

Captain America: Winter Soldier: falcon

(Captain America: The Winter Soldier Marvel Studios)


5. Thor

Speaking of gods, Thor is undoubtedly a super dateable character. Although he's definitely self-involved, he never lets his arrogance outshine his ability to care for the people around him. He's constantly thinking about what he can do to the improve the lives of the people he loves, and he's willing to adjust his opinions and actions based on the information he receives, rather than deciding that there's only one way to do things. Most importantly, he's able to admit his own faults and acknowledge when he's not up to a task, which is an incredible quality that most people don't possess. And of course, his beautiful face and physique definitely don't hurt his place in the dateability rankings.

Thor: Ragnarok - Thor with short hair

(Thor: Ragnarok via Marvel Studios)


4. Spider-Man

Peter Parker is one of the most selfless and generous characters in the entire MCU. He just wants to help people—not for fame, but simply because he has the ability to. Although he's young and admittedly inexperienced at relationships, he shows quite a bit of maturity for his age. He's never willing to give up, but he knows when he needs to take a step back and focus on himself, rather than get caught up in the fame-filled lifestyle of the Avengers. I have no doubts that Peter Parker would make an incredible boyfriend, and not only because he's played by Tom Holland. Watch out, MJ, I'm coming for your man.

Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Homecoming

(Spider-Man: Homecoming via Marvel Studios)


3. Hawkeye

As the only character in the MCU who's married, I think it's safe to say that Hawkeye is a pretty dateable character. Although he deals with difficult situations day in and day out, he always keeps a cool head and never lets a frustrating situation get the best of him. He shows a lot of care for the people around him, often making sure everyone else is okay before he even thinks about himself. However, since he is married, I'm giving him the No. 3 slot because I want him to live happily ever after in retirement with his family.

Avengers: Clint Barton with bow and arrow

(The Avengers via Marvel Studios)


2. Captain America

There's just no denying that Captain America is an all-around good guy. He has a strong moral compass, incredible ambition and well-developed beliefs. However, that's not what makes him dateable. It's his consistency, commitment and loyalty that make him one of the dateable superheroes. You know you can count on him, and when he says he's going to show up somewhere, he does. On top of that, he's also willing to hear people out and account for human emotion in his decisions, rather than always leaning towards the easiest or most logical plan. There's no doubt in my mind he'd be a loving, caring and totally dependable partner.

Captain America: The First Avenger - steve rogers shirtless

(Captain America: The First Avenger via Marvel Studios)


1. Black Panther

That's right, people. T'Challa is the most dateable Marvel superhero. Not only does he possess the same loyalty, commitment, care and empathy that's found in many of our other heroes, he also has a fun side that many other Marvel men seem to be missing. He can let loose and have a good time when the situation demands it, and he's not above a little light-hearted teasing. I love everything about Black Panther and I think he's a very dependable and honest guy, obviously earning him the honor of the No. 1 most dateable Marvel superhero.

T'Challa in Black Panther

(Black Panther via Marvel Studios)


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