All the Pros and Cons of Dating Your Best Friend

Deciding to date your best friend is like walking a trapeze. It's dangerous and extremely easy to mess up, but when performed well it's just about the coolest thing in the world.

While dating your BFF can be one of the most compatible relationships you could encounter, it's safe to say that many unfortunate realities also pair with this coupling.

If you're considering taking your BFFship to the next level, take a moment to weigh the pros and cons that everyone experiences when dating their bestie. Continue reading for some life changing truths:

Pro: You Already Know Each Other Super Well

When it comes to dating your BFF, you already know each other so well that you don't have to waste any of your relationship on awkward pauses and sweaty palms. You don't have to guess at whether you're a compatible pair because you've already bonded to the level of best friends. This is probably the easiest and breeziest way to enter into a relationship.

Archie gang at Pops

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Con: They Already Know You Super Well

But on the flip side, because they already know you inside and out, you don't get to experience that exciting rush of love you feel when falling deeper and deeper for your crush. Plus, they probably know all of your secrets (ones that you might not want an S.O. to know right off the bat) and so you're both less of a mystery to each other. Sometimes in the dating game, learning new tidbits about your S.O. is what makes everything so magical.


Pro: No-Pressure First Date

First dates can be the absolute worst. From not knowing what to talk about to being forced to see a flick you're totally not into, it's a rare first date that gets two thumbs up. But when you enter into a relationship with your best friend, all of this pressure goes out the window. You already know which movies you've bonded over, which restaurants you love, and conversation is easily held between the two of you. Say goodbye to awkward dates and hello to the dessert menu.

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Con: Your First Kiss Can Be Totally Awkward

While your first date may go swimmingly, your first kiss may not be quite as elegant. Because this person has been your best friend for ages, it may be difficult to separate their face from your friendship. The first kiss is likely to feel more strange than it does romantic. For some reason, kissing a person you know super well is surprisingly more difficult than locking lips with a newer crush.


Pro: Being BFFs With Your BF/GF Is the Best

When your relationship turns serious and it becomes obvious that you're both in it for the long haul, it's inevitable that you begin to refer to your S.O. as your best friend. But the pro to dating your BFF is that you're already at that status. Being besties with your S.O. means they're your first call when you get either good or bad news, and that you share the same interests, which makes every date and hangout fun, and they support you endlessly. While many relationships eventually meet this benchmark, you have a head start.


Con: A Breakup Could Mean the End of Your Friendship

The No. 1 biggest con to dating your BFF is that when the relationship goes south, you lose your best friend in the world. Breakups are hard enough when that person is simply your S.O., but tag on a best friend label and you've just lost the two biggest relationships in your life. Sometimes even just the thought of this doomed ending is enough to prevent two friends from coupling up. If you make the choice to date your bestie, try as hard as you can to end things amicably in order to save the friendship.

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Pro: You Never Have to Choose Between Your Friends And Your S.O.

One of the biggest eye rolls of being in a relationship is that you constantly have to choose between hanging with your friends and spending time with your S.O. Of course, there are the times when both shall meet… but often your hangs are divided. When you're dating your BFF, that means your friends are their friends and you always get the best of both worlds. What a luxury!


Con: If You Break Up, They're Still Part of Your Friend Group

That said, when the relationship comes to an end, there's no avoiding your ex because they happen to be best friends with your friends. Hey, that's where this all started in the first place. It can be deeply painful to see your ex-S.O. talking and laughing with your gang, especially if you don't feel much like laughing these days. You have a front seat view of their healing process which only hinders your own ability to move on. This con also has the potential of making your friends divide and take sides, which no one wants to see happen.

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