7 Signs You Aren't Actually Into the Person You're Dating

For lack of a better word, dating is just plain weird.

Sometimes we think we have heart-eyes for someone, but quickly we realize that our feelings were all a sham after dating that person. Other times, we date a person long enough to lose our sense of infatuation.

Whatever the case may be, it can be tricky deciphering our emotions from our actions. Often our minds know something that our heart isn't ready to accept. These are what we call warning signs.

If you fear you might not have feelings for the person you're dating, continue reading to find out the signs that your worries have become a reality:

1. They're Low On Your Priorities List

For better or worse, we tend to prioritize the person who has us head-over-heels. Often, the person we're dating skyrockets to the top of our list, even above our BFF and family. If you've noticed that most other factors in your life, whether they're friendships or academic commitments, take priority over the person you're dating, you probably aren't all that into them. While every relationship requires a healthy balance, you should definitely feel compelled to prioritize your special someone.  Especially over less desirable things such as homework or chores.

Mariana and Mat at school

(The Fosters via Freeform)


2. You're Quick to Bail on Plans With Them

We're the first ones to admit that sometimes we enjoy bailing on plans—especially when the comfort of our bedroom movie theater (thanks, Netflix) is calling our name. But if you find it effortless to bail on plans with the person you're dating, you clearly don't put much value into your alone time with them. Once in a while is normal—particularly when a mandatory family event pops up out of the blue—but frequently canceled plans can be a sign that you don't want to see the person you're dating.


3. You Find Their Words of Adoration Annoying

Ooey gooey words of love and adoration typically make us go weak at the knees. If you find these romantic whispers to be annoying rather than blush-worthy, then you definitely aren't into the person you're dating. Honestly, just a look from our crush makes our hearts beat out of our chests. So if you don't dig the fond confessions of love, it's time to let this poor person go.

Jimmy Jr with a rose

(Bob's Burgers via 20th Century Fox Television)


4. Important Dates Aren't On Your Radar

Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary or some other important date, you should know ahead of time that this special day is approaching. If you don't, it could be a sign you're simply not interested. Of course we all drop the ball on occasion, but important dates are a staple in any relationship and require care and attention. If you can't seem to keep these days straight, then you should be viewing this forgetfulness as a red flag.


5. You Find Flirting With Others Effortless

When we're in love, we can't imagine swooning over another person. That old saying, "I only have eyes for you," is actually totally true. So, if you have eyes for someone else, let alone a handful of others, then you probably aren't interested in the person you're dating. Flirting with others should feel like a foreign behavior when you're madly in love. If you find this activity effortless, take it as a sign: You'd obviously rather be with someone else.


6. You Make Decisions Without Them in Mind

Another aspect of relationships is that you often consider the other person when you make decisions and plans. Sure, it can be annoying at times, but hey, that's commitment. But if you find that you constantly make decisions without your special someone in mind, then it's clear you aren't thinking about them or their feelings at all. Consider this your brain telling you what your heart hasn't yet come to grips with: They aren't on your mind.


7. You Rarely Call or Text Them Back

Possibly one of the most obvious signs you aren't into the person you're dating is that you rarely maintain communication. Not all of us are as addicted to our phones as the rest of the world, but if you find it emotionally taxing to call or text your special someone back, then they probably aren't all that special to you. But whatever you do, don't ghost them!

Spencer avoiding texts

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