4 Dating Standards We're Setting for Ourselves in 2023

While 2022 may have been tough, it was also full of great things and came with a ton of lessons learned along the way.

One of the topics we most learned a lot from (and about)? Dating. From TikTok videos about "If he wanted to, he would" to celebrity breakups, makeups and everything in between, it seems like love and dating were really at the forefront of our minds this year. This helped us to learn more about the standards we set for ourselves when it comes to our love lives, and we're ready to take these lessons into next year. With that said, let's jump into some of the dating standards we're setting for ourselves in 2023.

1. We're Not Lowering Our Standards for a Partner

If you have a type, that is 100% okay! Despite what many people might try to tell you, it's totally fine and normal to set a high standard for the kind of partner you're looking for. In 2023, we aren't settling for less than what we want, even if it would be "easier" than spending time searching for a partner that does actually tick all your boxes.


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2. We're Putting Our Own Feelings First

In 2023, it's time to start dating like a CEO. Stop thinking, "I hope they like me," and start thinking, "I hope I like them." Your feelings aren't just valid—they're critical to every aspect of your relationship. Put your own feelings first and do whatever you need to in order to protect your peace when it comes to your love life.


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3. We're Not Letting Our Romantic Relationships Overtake Our Lives

You know that girl who mentions her partner in just about every other sentence? What about the guy or girl who always ditches their friends to hang out with their partner instead, or just downright disappears off the face of the earth whenever they're dating someone? Don't be like these people. You need to maintain your friendships, and we would even argue that they come first over your relationship—at least in the first few weeks or months of dating. You should also keep a solid focus on your education, career or whatever else it is you've got going for yourself outside of the bounds of just your relationship.


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4. We're Learning How to Be More Secure

If you haven't heard about attachment theory or attachment styles yet, now is the perfect time. Do your research, then find ways in 2023 to prioritize working on becoming more secure if you're someone who classifies themselves as anxious or avoidant. Trust us—it will positively affect the way you approach relationships for the rest of your life.


These four simple things can change the way you think about dating and set you up for better relationship success in 2023. If you need a little more help on this front, though, click HERE to read about some dating clichés it's time to stop believing.