An Extensive Glossary of Dating Terms You Need to Know

Why does it seem like there's a new dating term It's pretty exhausting trying to keep up with the latest slang.

By now, you've heard of ghosting and have probably even been affected by it in one way or another—whether it was you doing the ghosting or someone did it to you. But do you know about all the other expressions out there?

It's important to stay up-to-date, and quite frankly, some of the phrases are downright hilarious. Intrigued? Below, take a look at our extensive glossary of dating terms you need to know:


The zombie is the person who completely ditches you, leaving you to think they moved across the solar system to another planet. But one day, they pop up out of nowhere and come back into your life. They're basically rising from the dead, only to ditch you again once you're under their spell. Hate to break it to you, but you've fallen for their act again and have now been ghosted twice. Don't fall for it a third time.



Where one cockroach is, many others are hiding in the shadows. The same can be said for the person who's roaching you. You may not know it, but they're dating other people. Of course they fail to mention it to you, so when you eventually do find out about their infidelity, they'll play the cool card and say you never discussed any specific dating boundaries or rules.

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You think the last few months have been going great with this person, but one day, they drop off the face of the earth. Did they die? Maybe they moved away? No sweetie, they ghosted you. Rather than have the guts to break up with you in person or even over the phone, they stopped all forms of communication. Whether they have confrontation issues or they like stringing people along, it's all on them, not you.



Ever heard of Casper the Friendly Ghost? This person (sort of) ghosts you, but they just go about it in a much nicer way. Caspering, coined by journalist Rachel Thompson, is when they string you along and prolong the end of your relationship. They'll respond to your texts and might even like your Instagram posts, but you won't be seeing them again. If you suggest a hangout, they'll act like they're all in, but will mysteriously never settle on a specific time and location to meet up. In the end, they're just wasting your time.



Since Ariana Grande is queen, of course there's a dating term in ode to her. Chances are, you've been part of a Grande act. This is when someone dumps their S.O. and goes on to live a luxurious single life. It's even more adamant when they post about it on all social media platforms, showing everyone that they've actually never been better.

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You've stopped seeing this person some time ago, but you've started to notice they're slowly creeping back in to your life. You see that they're always the first to view your Instagram and Snapchat stories, and will occasionally even like a post. Why are they doing this? They're orbiting around you, reminding you of their existence. Whether they're bored or want to start up something again, tread lightly.



Benching is just as it seems, this person is keeping you on the bench. Whether you're their back-up or the next batter up, you're not their number one priority. They're keeping you on the back-burner for some reason, and it's most likely because they're dating someone else, too. They might see that specific relationship going further than yours, but keep you around just in case. We know, it's super frustrating.



Have you ever been friends with or dated someone just to boost your social status? If you have, you've throned someone before. This is when you get into a relationship with someone because you see it as an opportunity to grow your personal brand and maybe even become more popular. Whatever your reason may be, you probably don't even really care for the person that much. You're simply using them to go up the social ladder.

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You know those people who always seem to have a boyfriend or girlfriend? One minute they're posting on their Instagram about how much they're in love, only for the next week to be a pic of a completely different person. How do they find people that quickly? They're swinging from person to person, just like a monkey swings from tree to tree. Honestly, these people are pretty exhausting and don't know how to commit to anything.


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