Spotify and TikTok Stars Nicky Youre and David Hugo Team Up for Epic Collab 'Never Go Wrong'

What happens when two viral artists join forces? You get an unforgettable collab in the form of Nicky Youre and David Hugo's "Never Go Wrong."

The track brings together the creative sensibilities—and amazing voices—of Spotify superstar Nicky Youre and TikTok's David Hugo to create something brand new, and you won't be able to stop listening. If you're curious about what "Never Go Wrong" is all about, just keep scrolling to read our interview with the duo to discover the meaning of its lyrics and so much more.

The Story Behind 'Never Go Wrong'

Nicky Youre and David Hugo: We wanted to write a song that was upbeat and fun while also telling a cool story. We wanted to make a song about meeting someone who seems like they came straight out of a movie and into your life—a song about falling in love with someone who would get songs written about them. Kinda the picture-perfect partner. Then we imagined how after meeting someone like this, it would feel like nothing could ever go wrong, and that's where the name came from.


What 'Never Go Wrong' Means

NY and DH: For us, it's a song to have fun with and enjoy. We hope that's what people do with it. We're hoping that people can listen to it late at night with the windows down and can sing their little hearts out to it.


(Image courtesy of Nicky Youre and David Hugo)


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Nicky and David's Favorite Lyric

NY and DH: Our favorite lyric is, "We can keep on going like we haven't seen the ending," because we love movies and while writing this line, we came up with the concept of the music video, which is inspired by '90s-esque romantic comedies.


(Image courtesy of Nicky Youre and David Hugo)


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