Kira Kosarin & Jack Griffo For SpongeBob Day Of Positivity!

The first Monday of the year was the SpongeBob Squarepants Day Of Positivity, and The Thundermans' Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo spread joined in to spread joy!kira kosarin jack griffo day of positivity

In a short clip, the Nickelodeon stars celebrate by showing how they stay positive.

When life gives the two lemons, they make lemonade in the funniest way possible, turning a skateboard into two perfect roller skates with the help of a roll of tape!

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water releases on February 6, 2015 and we plan to be among the first in line!

How do you celebrate positivity? Share your tips in the comments below and join our Thundermans fan club at Sweety High!