Daya's Album Inspired By 'All Real Situations' With Dating

Daya's long-awaited album Sit Still, Look Pretty was released on Friday, Oct. 7 and it is nothing short of amazing.

We haven't stopped listening to it, because all of the tracks are so much fun and super relatable—just as the singer wanted.

"It's definitely all real situations," Daya told Sweety High. "I like to keep it honest, keep it real and be authentic with my fans, so yeah, a lot of what I write about is what I know, and I think people will see that when they hear the album."

The 17-year-old beauty gets incredibly personal on the 14-track compilation, revealing emotions of heartbreak, while also sharing times when she's had to shoo a guy away because he was overeager or when she was simply just over it.

"It's just been incredible," Daya said of her whirlwind career experience thus far. "I'm so grateful for the support I've gotten from everyone that's just kind of fueling it and keeping me going. I'm excited for what's to come. I'm excited for the album and for my fans to hear it finally. There are so many good things on the horizon."


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