Daya Admits She Was 'Nervous' Filling in for Selena Gomez During Charlie Puth DWTS Performance

In case ya missed it, Daya totally owned her live performance of the song "We Don't Talk Anymore" on a recent episode of Dancing With the Stars alongside Charlie Puth.

But the 17-year-old starlet, who filled in for the track's original singer Selena Gomez, acknowledged she had some pretty big shoes to fill.

"That was so exciting, and I was so grateful for that opportunity," Daya gushed to Sweety High. "I mean, Selena kills that part, and I was kind of nervous at first, to be taking over it, but it's all in respect to Selena, and I was really grateful to be a part of it. I thought it went really well."

As for collaborating with Puth, who is currently on a must-see tour, Daya called the experience "fun," adding, "I hadn't really worked with him, but we'd done a bunch of shows together because we'd been on the same radio circuit for a while, so we've run into each other a couple times on the road. He's really cool. He's an awesome guy."

The "Hide Away" and "Don't Let Me Down" singer, who has made the music festival rounds all summer, releases her first full-length album Sit Still, Look Pretty tomorrow, and we could not be more thrilled!

But as we eagerly await its arrival, check out her DWTS performance with Charlie below!

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