5 Daydreams We All Have About Meeting Our Future S.O.

If you're the daydreamy type, chances are that you've spent way too much time thinking up elaborate romantic scenarios in which you might meet your future S.O. We won't judge—we've been there.

Though the way we think about our crushes varies from person to person, we think there are a few daydreams we all have in common. Keep reading to find out what they are.

The New Kid at School

If you've ever had a big school crush, you know that school can be the ideal place to meet your future soulmate. Sharing classes means you get to see them practically every day, and gives you lots of chances to make a good impression on them. But sometimes, the pickings can be slim. While each new school year brings new opportunities, they can often be a bit of a letdown. But a new kid at school can join any time of the year, and it's easy to fantasize about someone new and wonderful showing up in English class one day to sweep you off your feet.


The Kid Next Door

What's more romantic than falling in love with the kid next door? Unfortunately, not all of us have kind cuties—or even people our own age—as neighbors, so we're left daydreaming about what could be. When a neighbor does put up For Sale signs on their lawn, there's always some curiosity and intrigue about who might be moving in to replace them, and it's not too hard to dream up that perfect person who's destined to be your S.O., even if they never do arrive.


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Seeing Your Favorite Band

There are few things better than seeing your favorite band take the stage, letting their music wash over you and sharing the experience surrounded by people who are just as much as you do. Meeting someone super dreamy at that concert would probably be one of those things. After all, when music is your life, you need to be able to share it with the people you are about. The problem is that even when you show up expecting to meet the love of your life, it's easy to get totally swept away by the music and forget about it.


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More Than a Friendship

Who among us hasn't had known someone who we wished could be more than just a friend? Maybe they're extra kind, funny and good-looking—and you've thought more than once about turning friendship into a relationship, but they're not just they feel the same way. If you've daydreamed about them suddenly revealing their true feelings for you, you're definitely not alone.


On Vacation

There's something quite poetic about the idea of meeting your significant other while you're on vacation. Whether it's when you're hitting the slopes, sunbathing on the beach or tasting exotic foods, travel creates the perfect meet-cute opportunity. Of course, you're not guaranteed to meet any hotties on your vacation, but even if you keep your eyes peeled and don't encounter that special someone, it doesn't matter that much because a vacation is a vacation.

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