14 Memes That Will Make You Laugh While You Adjust to Daylight Saving Time

Let's be real: Daylight saving time feels pretty pointless.

Sure, you get an extra hour of rest one day a year, but suddenly it's dark in the middle of the day and your sleep schedule is totally messed up.

Aria Sleeping

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)

On March 11, our clocks will spring forward, costing us an hour of slumber and extra coffee money just to make it through the day.

However, we've learned to smile through the pain. Keep scrolling for 14 memes that will make you laugh while you adjust to daylight saving time.

When losing an hour of sleep honestly feels like torture:


Suddenly everyday tasks seem to take twice as long:


You only lost an hour, but you're so tired it feels like an eternity:


You can try to look on the positive side of things:


But sometimes you just need to quietly mourn the loss of your sleep:


Life hack: If you never change your clocks you never have to change them back:


We wouldn't mind daylight savings so much if it moved us closer to the weekend:


When you just need a minute to come up with a better plan:


Tbh we're still not sure if this would be enough:


A creative representation of our feelings:


It makes us rethink our priorities:


But it also makes us very thankful for new technology:


The Monday after daylight saving time is the worst:


And sometimes you just need to get your hateful feelings out:


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