Make the Most Out of Your Extra Daylight Savings Hour

Daylight Savings Time is about to end and you know what that means… we're about to time travel back one hour and do everything we didn't have time to do before! Well, if you can accomplish it all in only 60 minutes, of course.

Girl Journaling in Fall

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Not all of us are excited about turning our clocks back one hour because, although the extra time is a total glass half-full outlook, it also means our days are getting shorter and the sun will have practically set by the time we get out of school—glass half-empty.

But put on your half-full hat and use this extra time wisely! Need some ideas on how to make the most out of your spare hour? Scroll below to find out our plans for the extra 3,600 seconds on November 6th.

Sleep In

Ahhh yes. With great power comes great responsibility, and with an extra hour of morning comes an extra hour of snoozing. Sometimes the most productive thing we can do is allow our minds and bodies to get the proper beauty rest they deserve. No one will judge you for sleeping through your extra morning hour.

Elle Fanning as Sleeping Beauty still from movie Maleficent

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Bake a Batch of Pumpkin Bread

Just because Halloween is over doesn't mean we have to stop eating pumpkin-spice-everything! Use the extra time to whip up a homemade treat in the kitchen. We always want to make delicious treats but usually put the idea on the back burner (pun intended) because we just don't have time in our busy schedules for making what you can buy in the store. This Sunday, treat yourself!


Clean Out Your Closet

We've all heard of spring cleaning, well why not do a little fall cleaning? Now that Daylight Savings has ended, it's about to get a whole lot chillier outside. Go through your closet and pull out any summer staples that you didn't wear this past year. Chances are, if you didn't wear them this year, you won't wear them next year. The month of November is all about giving thanks and giving back, so donate your last season clothes to the Goodwill or search for a local clothing drive.


Dig Into a Good Book

Set your alarm for one hour and indulge in sixty full minutes of luxury reading time. It's the perfect season for curling up with a good book and getting lost in an amazing tale. Consider cracking open Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, in preparation for the movie that's coming to theaters November 18th! Eddie Redmayne… be still my beating heart.

Still from the movie Fantastic Beasts

(Fantastic Beasts via Warner Bros.)


Get a Mani-Pedi

Give a little love to your nails by either going to your favorite nail salon or setting up shop at home. With all of the amazing nail art sweeping social media, there are infinite possibilities for your unpolished nails. Many of these trends may take a few extra minutes to accomplish, which makes this spare hour the perfect time to try them out.


Kick Back with a Podcast

From humor to interviews and all of the stories in between, podcasts are the perfect way to relax into your extra hour. The best part about this idea is that you can pair it with another amazing Daylight Savings idea. Press play while you do your nails or clean out your closet.


Take a Bomb Bath

Lush bath products are everything! Take a long magical bath on a chilly November morning. While you soak up the suds, remember, this luxurious bath isn't even cutting into your To-Do List time.


Catch Up on Some Fave Fall TV

With Halloween behind us, it's finally time to catch up on the things we put to the side while creating the perfect DIY costume. Turn on the TV and watch last week's episode of Supergirl or Pitch—whichever #wcw-worthy show suits your fancy.

Still from Supergirl, dressed in costume

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Have Some Na-me-ste Time

Take an hour for yourself to get those good vibes flowing. Tune into a YouTube yoga tutorial to align your body and follow it up with some peaceful meditation to clear your mind. The best way to start your week is by syncing up your mind and body.


Print Your Octo-rable Photos

We both know you and your friends took a bazillion fall-bulous photos on Halloween and the October days leading up to the haunted holiday. Organize a folder to print all of the best pumpkin patch photos and group costume shots or create an album book on a site like Shutterfly.


Knit a Scarf

Get a little crafty by knitting a staple scarf. I'm always partial to a good ol' fashion Hogwarts house pattern—the Ravenclaw colors go very nicely with my fall wardrobe. You may want to try your hand at crocheting if you're a beginner to the yarn-life.

Self-knitting blanket from Harry Potter

(Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets via Warner Bros.)


Go for a Nature Walk

Stroll, don't scroll, through your favorite season and breathe in that delicious fall air. It's a nice way to welcome the cold weather before it gets too chilly to leave the comfy warmth of your house.


Finally Get Your Hair Cut

If you're like me, you wait to get a haircut until your ends are so split that you look like a scarecrow. Well, Halloween is over and that Wizard of Oz 'do is a definite don't! Finally take the time to get the haircut you've been putting off forever.


Outfit-Prep for the Week

Spend your extra hour by giving yourself more time all week long by outfit-prepping for the school week. Not only will you feel like Cher Horowitz picking out one fab outfit after another, but you'll feel good going to school in a pre-planned OOTD.

Cher Horowitz's outfit creator from movie, Clueless

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Now that Daylight Savings has ended and we're officially entering the season of giving, click HERE to get into the spirit by learning some easy and free ways to put a smile on someone's face.