These Quotes From DC's Stargirl on The CW Double as Witty Instagram Captions

DC's Stargirl on The CW is the TV superhero story we've been waiting for all our lives.

Based on the DC comics of the same name by Geoff Johns, the series follows a teenage girl named Courtney Whitmore who discovers her dad was the superhero Starman, inheriting a number of powers of her own as Stargirl. She also happens to be far from the only one in the small town of Blue Valley who possesses incredible powers.

Everything about the series is relatable and empowering, and we adore Brec Bassinger as the title character. It helps that the show is ultra super quotable. If you love Stargirl and its characters, keep reading to find out which favorite quotes can also be used as Instagram captions.

For one of those moments where you just have to figure out life by living it:

"It didn't come with an instruction manual."

-Courtney Whitmore

DC's Stargirl: Courtney Whitmore with staff

(DC's Stargirl via The CW)


For the effort you're putting in now to change who you'll be in the future:

"You're making choices for your future self right now, your better self. Your better self is going to thank you for it."

-Larry Crock


For that superheroic selfie:

"Secret identities are Superhero 101."

-Courtney Whitmore

DC's Stargirl - Courtney Whitmore in Stargirl costume

(DC's Stargirl via The CW)


For celebrating the inner strength that makes you unique:

"You seem to think that power comes from other people's perception of you—from recognition or applause—but that's not true power. No… true power doesn't need to be seen."

-Jordan Mahkent


For dusting off your tools and renewing a long-forgotten hobby:

"This stuff shouldn't be sitting here, collecting dust."

-Courtney Whitmore


For one of those quiet, peaceful moments between your heroic acts:

"Being a superhero is not being one most of the time."

-Pat Dugan


For taking on the mantle of a cause that truly matters to you:

"Someone with honor and strength must carry the torch."



For that cute pic of you and the beloved pet who never leaves you side:

"Come on sidekick. Don't flake on me now."

-Courtney Whitmore

DC's Stargirl: Yolanda and Courtney in costumes

(DC's Stargirl via The CW)


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