How to Deal With Rumors About You—and Avoid Confrontation

We've all had to deal with gossip at some point in our lives.

When rumors about you arise, it can be difficult to handle, especially if you hate confrontation. If you're not the best at standing up for yourself directly, read below for a few ways to tackle rumors in a healthy, non-confrontational way.

1. Be the Bigger Person

This is the most cliché piece of advice someone can offer, but that doesn't make it any less valuable. Try approaching the situation from a different angle by having a friendly chat with the person who is spreading rumors about you. It doesn't hurt to sit down with them and share your side of the story. Do it in a way that lets them know the rumors are hurting you but also clears the air to help you move forward with no hard feelings.


2. Stay Calm and Don't Overreact

The best approach when dealing with negative, gossiping people is to stay as calm as you possibly can, even if they're talking about you when you're within earshot. An overreaction is likely exactly what they're looking for and will only give them more to talk about—so put on some headphones, turn up the music and ignore those bad vibes.

Dealing with rumors

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)


3. Look at the Situation in a Different Light

Not that it makes it okay, but often times when rumors are being spread about someone it's because others are jealous of them and want to find a way to bring them down. Just remember to hold your head high and remind yourself how valuable you are to the people around you.


4. Show Them How Strong You Are

Sometimes the best approach is to not let the rumors bother you. Call on your inner Wonder Woman and strength of character. It will get you through just about anything.

Dealing with rumors

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5. Make a Joke Out of It

You gotta laugh. Try to find humor in the situation and let people know that you're willing to laugh with them about it. Once people see that you can join in on the fun, they'll likely want to move on. Why dwell on something that you can just laugh off?


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