We know you’ve all heard this before, but we’re saying it again: Not everyone is going to like you.

It’s tough to digest, we know, but it’s a simple fact that you need to accept. Try as hard as you might, there will always be that one person (or a few people) who won’t be your biggest fan. Guess what? That’s a good thing.

Accepting this isn’t easy, especially if you pride yourself on being a people-pleaser, though there are some things you can do that’ll help you overcome this insatiable need to be praised by the whole world. Scroll below to find out what they are.

Question Why You Need Everyone to Like You

The first step in problem-solving is admitting you have a problem. You may say, “I don’t need everyone to like me,” yet you find yourself becoming upset when someone notes they don’t care for you. Any time you start to feel this way, question it. Talk it out in your head. Chances are you probably want all this admiration from your peers, because you’re unsure of yourself and need others to tell you you’re amazing. The only opinion of yourself that matters is your own. If you learn to accept yourself, you’ll find yourself caring less and less about the list of people who throw some disdain your way.

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Know You’ll Develop a Better Relationship With Yourself

Going off of the above point, not caring about what others think of you will only strengthen your relationship with yourself. After all, that is the single most important relationship you’ll have in your life. Think about it, you’re the only person who you can guarantee will be stuck by your side until the end of time. Though you may think being surrounded by hoards of people who “like” you is the way to go, it’s not. You really need to nourish your relationship with yourself, first and foremost. Friends (true friends, to be exact) will come once you’ve finally found your confidence.

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Understand Being Disliked Is Actually a Good Thing

For the most part, being disliked is actually a great thing. It means you have an opinion and aren’t afraid to express that. You’re comfortable with your beliefs and are willing to share them with the world, even though others will have varying viewpoints. Life is all about expressing yourself, so don’t let the idea that someone could not agree with what you say hold you back from speaking your mind.

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Think About All the People You Don’t Like

You may be trying hard to be liked by the world around you, but we guarantee there are a slew of people you don’t like. Or do you claim to like everyone? That’s not possible. There’s been at least one person whose wavelength you could just not get on. Think about that person for a minute. Do you think they really care that you aren’t their No. 1 supporter? Probably not. So why should you be bothered if someone doesn’t like you? At this point, we hope you realize you shouldn’t.

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Accepting that not everyone is going to like you is just one of many things you can do to be a better human. HERE are a few more things you can do to be your very best self.