Hannah Hart's Letter To Her Younger Self Will Inspire You

To celebrate International Women's Day this Sunday, our favorite YouTube artists and vloggers took part in the #DearMe campaign, making empowering videos about the advice they'd give to their younger selves. Check out 7 of our favs below- their advice just might make a difference in your life, too.

youtuve dearme campaign for international women's day

Lilly Singh aka Superwoman

"I think the biggest thing I would tell myself is that you're never really alone. I think I spent so much of my teenage tears trying to fit in and be cool that I forgot being different is the coolest thing you can be."

Lindsey Stirling

"Rather than letting your appearance or your inadequacies dictate your appearance, be confident because that's really one of the only things that people actually notice."

Rebecca Black

"When things don't seem to be going your way, don't be afraid to speak your mind. The worst thing you can do is bottle up those emotions and make yourself feel worse."

Grace Helbig

"If you follow your fear and you say yes to a situation or an opportunity or a person, sometimes you will find yourself in a really great place with really great people and really great opportunities that you could have never seen for yourself before."

Christina Grimmie

"I want you to know very badly that you are far too concerned–FAR TOO CONCERNED–about what others' opinions are about you. Invalid opinions, might I add, and truthfully it just seems like becoming who you want others to see you as has overall become more important than who you really are, and that's a scary thing to me."

Hannah Hart

"Don't worry about the way you look too much. It's going to change, rapidly, throughout the years. And you're going to find as you get older and your taste becomes more refined you're going to meet a version of yourself that you never knew existed. So don't stress out too much about how you look or how cool you are."

Tiffany Alvord

"Mistakes don't define you. Don't regret what's done. We all mistakes and we're all human, and it's all part of life, learning and growing from our experiences."

We hope you learned as much as we did! Share your own advice in the comments below and become a part of our community at Sweety High.