Debby And The Never Ending Cover Santa Baby!

Debby Ryan's new band, Debby And The Never Ending, released their first music video this week! The band performed an awesome updated version of "Santa Baby"!Debby and the Never Ending

The new band consists of Disney star Debby Ryan, as well as Kyle Moore on rhythm guitar, Johnny Franco on drums, Carman Kubanda on lead guitar, Harrison Webster on the piano and Edwin Carranza on the bass!

The band performs the track in a living room fashioned into a temporary studio, complete with a Christmas tree, tinsel and a hostage Santa Claus facing away from the camera!

Throughout the video, the band drink hot chocolate as they force feed Santa Claus until he gives Debby everything on her Christmas list!

The track was produced by Ryan River Records, run by Chase Ryan, who happens to be Debby's older brother!

We're loving this festive new track! Join us at Sweety High to tell us all about your favorite songs this holiday season!