Debby Ryan is Impressed by Demi Lovato

In case you haven't noticed, Demi Lovato is making quite a splash into pop culture and showing everyone that doubted her that she's back ad better than ever!

Lovatics, Demi Lovato fans, have been going crazy over her album Unbroken and so has the twitterverse!

The lyrics are meaningful and her voice is so strong and powerful.

It's been quite the transition for the 19-year-old who has been figuring out how to shift from Disney teen star to an R&B and pop music sensation. Debby Ryan can definitely relate to that transition because it's something she hopes to do in the future.

So what does the new Disney Channel starlet think about the album?

"I've listened to a bit," revealed Debby. "Toby Gad, with whom she produced 'Skyscraper,' he wrote that with Kerli. I like her stuff as well. They wrote it and produced it, and when they placed it with Demi, it was amazing, and it's absolutely empowering and really, really strong."

We totally agree. Demi's voice turned that song into something that really touched the hearts of her fans and her peers.

"The thing about Demi, she's always able to show her vulnerability and her strength and her whole personality in her music and definitely her voyage. I think she's in such a cool place of finding her sound and revamping her sound and working with amazing people," shared the bubbly redhead.

Ryan hopes to follow in Lovato's footsteps and come out with an album that touches the hearts of her fans like Lovato's has. She's excited to work with Gad as well, saying, "I admire him a lot. He knows his way around the pop realm."