Debby Ryan Looks to Shia LaBeouf for Inspiration!

Debby Ryan's show Jessie has been a huge hit with tween and teen audiences everywhere. The Disney star recently spilled that the former Disney star she wants to follow in the footsteps of is Shia LeBeouf.

"It's the amazing projects, the range. Him being this ridiculous goofy character on Even Stevens and then he did True Confessions where he represented autism. Just because someone does really cheesy comedy, it doesn't mean that's all they can do," shared the super adorable redhead.

Debby shared how she felt that Shia made the perfect transition from teen star to successful movie actor and that he didn't just "go straight from silly kid to movie star".

She also revealed how she hopes to emulate the way he was able to grow at a normal pace rather than "growing up too quickly."

"I've turned down some roles that could have been really big, because I didn't feel I was ready for them and I didn't feel my fans were ready for them," spilled Debby.

"It's hard to justify turning work down but there's something to be said for going at your own pace."

We love how Debby is taking it slow and making sure she is taking the path that is right for her.