Debby Ryan's New Movie "Radio Rebel" Premieres Tonight!!

The Disney Channel Original Movie "Radio Rebel" starring Debby Ryan premieres tonight!!

The movie also stars Serena Parmar and Adam DiMarco.

The movie follows shy girl Tara and her journey into finding her own self-confidence. Debby commented on the character saying, "I was really shy when I was younger but I definitely have a voice inside of me, I know what I stand for and I know who I am."

Debby also commented about what it was like to film the movie: "It was so much fun shooting the movie. Everyone had something different to bring to the table. We all got along so well and it was like summer camp with jam sessions and secret handshakes."

"Radio Rebel" will be on the Disney Channel tonight at 8pm – let us know if you're going to watch!