Debora Spiga of DebbyArts Overcomes Odds For Art!

Debora Spiga is an artist, singer, dancer and more who goes by the name of DebbyArts online.Debora Spiga

In a recent interview, Debora told us about how others' doubts in her abilities inspired her to prove she was the artist she wanted to be!

"My passion for art was born in the days of middle school," she explained. "My teacher did not believe that the drawings I made were mine."

For a while, no one believed Debora, so she decided to commit herself to her art, and prove to everyone that the drawings she made were hers.

With a little help from her channel, we think she's done just that.

Debora's mother is also an artist.

"Her art is much more on the realistic side," Debora said of her mother. "She is a fabulous artist."

Debby was inspired to keep posting videos of her artistic talents online.

"It was as if someone told me, 'Debby, do what you love to do. Design and communicate what you love,'" she said.

Debora did what her instinct told her, eventually leading her to have one of the most popular art channels around.

"When I reached 1,000 subscribers I was in seventh heaven," Debora explained. "I felt happy that 1,000 people were following what I love to do."

Now, Debora has more than 90,000 subscribers. She said she can barely believe her drawings, art, and other creations have affected that many people.

"Can you believe it?" Debora asked. "Maybe it's all a dream."

Debora is inspired by the art of Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks, as well as Japanese manga artists.

"But my biggest inspiration is what happens to me, and my surroundings," she said. "Ideas come during the night, in my dreams."

Debora is constantly coming up with new art ideas, and has a special notebook to write them all in so she doesn't forget them.

"The projects come in my head like a thunderbolt and I have to get them down immediately," she said.

One of Debora's specialities is making polymer clay miniatures of everything from characters to food.

She discovered the concept when she stumbled upon a blog and saw donut-shaped earrings. She thought they were spectacular.

"I really wanted to create the world of food and sweets, and turn it miniature," she explained. "Then I tried to make small dolls, creating the clothes, and the hair. It was not easy! But I must say that I feel like I have gotten much better."

Debora also uses her channels to demonstrate hair and makeup tutorials, which she says are an extension of her art.

"I think the world of art is very broad, including drawing, singing, dancing, makeup, and hairstyles," she said. "I believe that everyone has art inside them."

In fact, Debora loves to dance, and is a dance instructor to younger girls. She's also a singer, and has a second channel devoted to music.

She's also a big fan of films, and would like to become an actress someday.

She hopes that she will inspire other artists to share their craft in the same ways she has.

"Being original is doing what you love," she said. "No one can tell you what to do. You are the master of your own life."

Debora is a firm believer in the Walt Disney quote "If you can dream it, you can do it."

"I thank all those who have always me supported," she said, "and I hope that one day each of you will find your dream."

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