The 6 Best K-Pop Tracks of December 2022

The last month of 2022 brought forth an onslaught of incredible K-pop releases.

We got a special holiday treat from NCT DREAM, one of the best songs to date from ATEEZ and so much more, keeping us in the festive spirit with K-pop songs as the gifts that kept on giving.

As we celebrated the end of the year, six bops in particular truly defined 2022's close. These best tracks of December 2022 will be hard to beat in the coming year.



ATEEZ are always trying out different sounds for the group, and with "HALAZIA," they've done it again. This sultry track is one that switches up feels multiple times throughout, and yet all song long, the energy stays high. The rap particularly sticks out to us for its speed and spot-on delivery.


'Black Eye' by Vernon

We'd been eagerly anticipating Vernon's solo "Black Eye" from the moment it was announced. The SEVENTEEN member completely owned the rock vibes and the lyrics on the new English-language track. The bleeped-out curse is another unique touch that perfectly complements VERNON's persona.


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'All About You' by THE BOYZ

This slower, stripped-down song was a bit of a surprise from THE BOYZ, but a welcome one. We enjoyed the boy group's showcase of their vocals and ability to use an atypical rap style for K-pop highlighted just how talented they are. We are big fans of this beautiful love song.


'Take My Breath' by NCT DREAM

NCT DREAM gifted fans with an unexpected present this holiday season in the form of a special holiday album, which included what we believe was the best track on the album, "Take My Breath." True to its title, the song took our breath with its R&B inspirations, topped off with NCT DREAM's own style. Mark's rap, followed by Haechan's swooning vocals, makes us feel like we're being serenaded.


'FAM' by Stray Kids

The Korean version of "FAM" is an excellent example of why 2022 was Stray Kids' year. With each music release, the group's quality gets better and lives up to expectations, if not exceeds them. In this song's case, the catchiness is supported by members that are truly gifted in every song they lend their talents to.


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'Jet' by SMTOWN

It wouldn't be December without an SMTOWN collaboration album. This year, "Jet" is the song that took the cake, featuring a variety of idols including NCT's Taeyong and Jaemin and Aespa's Winter and Giselle. Backed by ad-libs and background vocals, the lyrics "Imma pick you up in my jet," make us ready to go for a ride of our own.


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