All the Decor, Accessories and More You Need to Get Yourself Together for Back-to-School

Not quite feeling totally put-together this back-to-school season?

There's no shame in suffering from the summer slide and having a tough time getting back into the swing of things, whether it's because you haven't been on campus in over a literal year, or just because you're missing the freedom of summer.

Whatever's going on, we got you. Keep reading for our favorite accessories, decor pieces and more that'll help you get yourself together for school (or at least look like you've got it together.)

Marine + Vine Radiant Man Body Oil: $62

We don't know about you, but we feel a lot more confident about school when we feel and smell amazing. Marina + Vine's Radiant Monoi Body Oil does both in one convenient spray bottle. The unique bottle means it goes on so easily (especially compared to other body oils) while nourishing your skin and leaving it shiny, hydrated and repaired. The subtle, tropical floral scent will also make you the envy of anyone with a nose.

Marine + Vine tahitian body oil

(via Marine + Vine)


Les Deux No 2 Roll on Perfume Oil: $48

If you do need a fragrance touch-up during the day, you can't do much better than Les Deux and their No 2 roll-on perfume. Just apply it to your pulse points—the neck, chest and wrist—to envelop yourself in a delicate yet dreamy unisex fragrance. Blending amber,  jasmine, sandalwood, cedarwood and more make it a wearable everyday fragrance to keep you inspired during that test, but also sophisticated enough for nights out (even if it's just an after-school movie).

Les Deux No. 2 fragrance

(via Les Deux)


Puriya Scalp Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner: $23.97 and $19.97

Dandruff happens to the best of us, but we'd rather avoid those little white flakes if we can help it. Puriya's Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to target dandruff and hydrate the scalp and hair with rich and nourishing botanicals. It leaves out the harsh chemicals, instead, making your hair smell so clean while eliminating flakiness.

Puriya scalp clarifying shampoo

(via Puriya)


Vacation Chardonnay Oil SPF 30: $22

If you're going to be outdoors during the school day, don't forget to apply an SPF to prevent skin damage and painful sunburns. Right now, we're in love with Vacation and their Chardonnay Oil SPF 30. For one, it comes in an oil form, making it so easy to apply, while leaving skin shiny and beautiful without any icky white cast. It also smells so fresh your friends might think you're wearing perfume.

Vacation chardonnay oil

(via Vacation)


Kicks By Sammy Just Have Fun Backpack: $120

If you don't have a backpack picked out just yet, why not pick one that telecasts your identity to the world? We love this colorful backpack from Kicks By Sammy, which looks like it's covered with vibrant and celebratory stickers. It also has a custom name tag sewn inside, so there'll be no doubt that it belongs to you.

Kicks by Sammy just have fun backpack

(via Kicks by Sammy)


California Cowboy PCH Full Zip Hoodie: $148

Is there any item of clothing comfier than a boyfriend hoodie? We're currently obsessed with this PCH Full Zip Hoodie from California Cowboy, which isn't just emblazoned with eye-catching sunset colors but is also loaded with useful pockets (including a waterproof media pocket for all of life's unexpected events). It also comes standard with a bottle/can koozie, a bottle opener and conversation starter cards, in case you need them.

California Cowboy PCH hoodie

(via California Cowb0y)


The Happy Planner 2022 Progress is Progress Mini Dashboard Happy Planner: $23.99

Nothing will help you get your school life organized better than a helpful planner, and The Happy Planner makes some of the best that we've seen. This dated planner runs for a full year starting in January of 2022 and has a dashboard layout to help you make to-do lists and more, while its small size makes it perfectly portable for school. Believe us—if your organizer is cute, you're way more likely to use it and stick with it.

The happy planner progress is progress journal

(via The Happy Planner)


1THRIVE The SARAH Wall Organizer: $139

For even better organization at home, we're loving 1THRIVE and their wall organizers, which include blackboards, whiteboards and corkboards to organize notes, to-dos and so much more. The SARAH is particularly cute and mounts right to the wall so that your next task is always in sight.

Thrive1 the sarah wall organizer

(via 1THRIVE)


ArtSugar Sparkle Acrylic Mountable Rainbow: $95

Sometimes, you just need a bit of sparkle to get you through the day. ArtSugar has all kinds of cute wall-mounted decor pieces to brighten your space, and we especially love this acrylic rainbow.

ArtSugar mountable rainbows

(via ArtSugar)


Open Spaces Nesting Trays: 3-piece set for $46

Keeping all of your stuff organized on your desk can be a hassle, especially when you aren't good at keeping things in consistent spaces, or your items keep rolling around. Open Spaces is a brand that specializes in minimalistic nesting trays that keep all of your stuff in place, including a small wooden tray, a medium plastic tray and a large aluminum tray, which fit together neatly or can be used separately to carry all of your favorite stuff.

Open spaces nesting trays

(via Open Spaces)



Karst Stone Paper Pocket Journal: $9.95

Looking for a new way to take notes? Karst offers something very different with recyclable paper made of actual stone (which actually has a lower carbon footprint than wood-pulp paper!). The pages in this journal are waterproof and tear-resistant—plus, stone paper is just plain cool.

Karst stone paper pocket journal

(via Karst)


Bifties Namaste H'om'e Box: $45

Feel like your space needs some cleansing after all of that rough homework? Look no further than this gift box from Bifties, which includes a deliciously scented Cocorosa Sea Salt Mist massage candle (perfect for an evening of self-care), plus a white sage bundle for smudging and a cute mug reading "Namaste H'om'e."

Bifties Namaste Home

(via Bifties)


The Comfy Dream: $37.99

After a tough week of school, we just want to get as cozy as possible and crash in front of the TV. The Comfy is like a giant wearable hoodie blanket designed for maximum comfort, and the Comfy Dream is even more luxurious with a softer, lighter material than the original. It's your ultimate nap companion, designed to get you through whatever the school year throws at you.

the comfy dream tie-dye

(via The Comfy)


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