These Decorating Tricks Will Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger Than It Actually Is

No one loves having a teeny-tiny bedroom.

While the chances of your parents doing a major renovation to expand it are slim to none, there are a few things you can do to trick the eye into thinking your room is bigger. Here are a few decorating tricks we love that'll visually enlarge your bedroom.

Install Mirrors

Using mirrors to visually expand a space is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Not only does seeing your room reflected back at you give you the appearance of more space, but when they're placed properly, they also bounce light into the room, which can have an expansive brightening effect. A floor mirror will give you the strongest effect, but any time of mirrored surface can help.


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Decorate in Contrasting Colors

Whether you achieve it with a couple new coats of paint or your furniture, using bold, contrasting colors in your room can make the space look much larger than it actually is. Contrasting colors can differentiate the various spaces in your room to give the appearance of more spots to hang out, and using boldly vibrant pieces against lightly colored, reflective walls gives the impression of an open, airy space punctuated with a few pops of color.


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Use Stripes to Elongate

You know how wearing stripes can be slimming? They can have the exact same elongating effect when it comes to decor. Try using stripes bedsheets, or a rug that runs the length of the room, to utilize the magical power of stripes and make that space feel larger.


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Light Things Up

If you can light your room naturally by opening some windows to let the sunshine in, it'll immediately feel bigger. Leave them uncovered when you want to expand the space, or have covers that open away from your window so you have access to that option. If you don'get much (or any) sunlight in your room, you can achieve a similar effect by dotting lights all around your room. If it's evenly lit from different sources, that brightness will appear to grow the room right before your eyes.


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Stick to Essential Furniture

This might sound obvious, but you should only fill your room with practical furniture that you actually use, because anything extraneous will simply sit there and take up valuable space. Once you strip things down to the essentials, it can also be helpful to fill the room with a bed and chairs with skinny legs, rather than boxy shapes that go all the way down to the floor, to make the space appear roomier. Furniture that's lower to the ground will also make the ceilings seem higher than they are, which is also a powerful way to make a room seem huge.


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Tidy Up

You probably don't want to hear this, but the cleaner a room is, the bigger it's going to look. Start by decluttering your space with good storage. Just getting your junk off the floors and tables will make your room appear more open and spacious instantly. If you love knick-knacks, you might want to find a special place for them that's tucked away, because they're a major clutter contributor. Larger decorative items do a better job of filling a space in a way that looks clean and organized. Having clear walkways through your room will also make it feel larger and more welcoming to you.


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