Jennifer Donnely's Deep Blue Is An Underwater Adventure!

Deep Blue by New York Times best-selling author Jennifer Donnely is an underwater adventure full of magic and mystery, which tells the story of six underwater kingdoms and a princess named Serafina!deep blue book review jennifer donnely

"Daughter of Merrow, chosen one,

The end beings, your time has come."

Deep beneath the oceans and rivers of the world, kingdoms of merpeople thrive, unbeknownst to the humans above the waters. Serafina is a princess of the Miromara realm, destined to take over as queen, just as her mother Isabella has done before her. But first, she must prove herself worthy to the kingdom in a ceremony of tests, which every queen must pass on her sixteenth birthday.

The night before her ceremony, Serafina has a strange dream. Sea witches, whom the merpeople have always believed to exist only in legends, call to Serafina, singing to her of a destiny that goes beyond the responsibilities of running a kingdom. Already on edge, Serafina's mother receives word that merpeople are disappearing without a trace. The news threatens to ruin one of the most important days of Serafina's life. Not only is it the day of her ceremony, but the morning of her betrothal to Prince Mahdi. The realms start pointing fingers, unsure of which kingdom is to blame, and war looks more possible every day.

"Fear rots the backbone like cavities rot teeth."

Serafina's fears come true when her mother is gravely wounded by an assassin. She's forced to flee her home with her best friend, Neela, leaving behind not only her injured mother, but her kingdom and Mahdi as well. Now Serafina and Neela must swim for their lives, chased by the people who invaded Serafina's home. With the sea witches words still in her head, Serafina goes out to find them, not knowing what she will find when she does.

The sea proves deadly and unwilling to let Serafina and her friend pass without a fight. Soon the girls will form a bond with other mermaids they meet on their journey to form a bond that the world will rely on to stand up to an evil more deadly than any of them ever imagined, for Serafina might have to save more than just her kingdom by the time her journey comes to an end.

"There is nothing more real than a dream."

The world in Deep Blue is unbelievably vivid and fun to explore. Serafina's adventure is one you will positively love going on, no matter how terrifying it might get. Admittedly the lingo, including borrowed words from other languages, plays on words and new names for places, characters and merpeople-specific terms, takes some getting used to, but a couple of chapters in and you will feel like you've been diving under the waters with the merpeople for ages.

Deep Blue is full of strong female characters that are easy to identify with, even if they aren't human. Neela is funny, wonderful to follow and brave enough to stand up for her best friend no matter what. Serafina's world of guards and lavish living is shattered, and her development into a mermaid willing to do almost anything to survive is exceptionally fun to explore.

"She was done with heavy silk gowns that got in the way. Of jewels so valuable they required their own security detail. Of gold crowns and diamond tiaras that weighed heavily upon her."

Jennifer Donnelly has already written several award-winning novels for both adults and teens, so it's no surprise Deep Blue is such a delight. We recommend this book to fans of high fantasy adventure stories or readers who are looking for something light on the romance. Deep Blue looks to be the start of an epic series that will leave fans yearning for the next installment.

And the best news? Deep Blue's sequel, Rogue Wave is set to be released in January! Check out the stories below to find out how you can win your own copy of Deep Blue and pre-order Rogue Wave, and share your own book reviews with us at!