A Definitive Ranking of the Biggest Current Boy Bands

Don't you just love boy bands?

Not only can they sing and dance, but they're pretty easy on the eye! These days, there are so many boy bands to choose from. All of their music is incredible, so it seems almost impossible to pick one favorite. From the number of hit songs, to music videos, to monthly listeners and to the lyrics themselves, we took everything into consideration.

Keep reading to see our definitive ranking of the biggest current boy bands.

6. PrettyMuch

When Camila Cabello chooses your band to be the opener for her tour, you know you've made it big. PrettyMuch, a boy band consisting of five core members, entered our hearts back in 2016. While their singing and dancing skills are truly remarkable, they're at the bottom of our list because they don't have as much content as some of the other boy bands.

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Stemming from Latin America, this boy band (which consists of five guys) is seriously talented. They've opened for people like Ricky Martin and Ariana Grande, so yeah, it's safe to say they're universally loved. Winners of multiple awards, these guys have proven time and time again that they're the real deal, which is why they made our top five!

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4. The Vamps 

The Vamps, one of our fave British boy bands of all time (sorry 'bout it, One Direction), hit the scene back in 2012. They've stayed on our radar ever since and have graced us with some pretty incredible music videos and songs. Not only does each of the four members play their own instruments, but they write a lot of their own music, too!

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3. Why Don't We 

This is where the ranking really starts to get difficult, but Why Don't We cracks the top three. This sensational band (which consists of five members) released their first single back in 2016. Last year, they won a Teen Choice award, which, hello, is a big deal! And simply put, their music is so darn catchy.

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2. BTS 

Our top two was a total tossup—so much so that we literally did a coin toss. We just couldn't choose! K-pop boy band BTS (aka, Beyond the Scene), has been around since 2010, but didn't really pop on our radar until a few years ago. Some of the artists they've worked with include, Steve Aoki, Nicki Minaj, Halsey and Charli XCX—and based on their absolutely insane fanbase, it seems like many more star-studded collabs are in their future.

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1. Jonas Brothers 

Coming in hot at number one is everyone's favorite: the Jonas Brothers. Formed way back in 2005, these real-life brothers changed the boy band game. Not only did they sing and dance, but they took to acting, as well! After all, who doesn't remember Camp Rock? They took a brief hiatus but came back on the scene last year, making people around the world rejoice.

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