Our Definitive Ranking of the 8 Cutest Celeb Pets

What's better than our fave celebrities? Their adorable furry friends, of course!

Keep scrolling for our definitive ranking the eight cutest celeb pets.

8. Barbie – Miley Cyrus

Miley is no stranger to loving animals, but her adorable Beagle named Barbie is certainly one for the books. On Instagram, Miley uses the hashtags #stopanimaltesting and #donttestonbeagles to put a stop to animal testing cruelty.


7. Sirius Black – Ariana Grande

Next, we get a little more Sirius. Sirius Black to be exact. This adorable pup captured the heart of Ariana Grande. According to her Instagram, initially his puppy breath wasn't out of this world, but we're sure it's nothing a little wizard magic can't fix.


6. Meredith and Olivia Swift – Taylor Swift

Dogs usually get all the credit, so it's time to give some love to our feline friends—and what better way to do that then miss Meredith and Oliva Swift. These two kitties are living the spoiled life as family members to Taylor Swift. They were named after Taylor's favorite TV characters, Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy and Olivia Benson from Law And Order SVU.

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5. Graham – Ed Sheeran

Graham The Kitten was just about to be put down, but lucky for us, Ed Sheeran saved the day. Not only is this cat adorable, but Graham is a Twitter star with almost 70,000 followers. Granted, Graham hasn't posted in some time, so we can only assume he is too bisy living the sweet life with the English singer-songwriter.

Daddy's home

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4. Olivia Pope – Harry Styles

Okay, okay, this next adorable furball is more of a family pet and belongs to Harry's sister Gemma, but Harry is certainly getting some kitty love, too. Gemma posted the sweet picture to Twitter announcing the adorable black and white kitty as a new member of the Styles family.


3. Elvis – Lucy Hale

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale loves her dog Elvis so much she even apologized on her social media about all of her photos of him.  One thing's for sure Lucy, we aren't complaining, so keep those adorable photos coming.

Cuddle sesh

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2. Magnus – Dylan Sprouse

While Cole Sprouse has been busy on set of Riverdale playing Jughead, his twin brother Dylan has been getting the cutest puppy love from this blue-eyed dwarf English bulldog! I'm sure Dylan and Cole are used to sharing, but something makes us think Dylan is going to keep an extra close eye on Magnus. Magnus has his own Instagram and can be followed at @MagnusTheDwarf.


1. Bubba Sue – Miley Cyrus

And the one that takes the cake for cutest and most unique is Miley Cyrus' pet pig Bubba Sue. Miley and Bubba are BFFs to the point she even treats Bubba to spa treatments. She says Bubba loves a good coconut oil mask. Sure it may sound a little strange, but the little piglet looks very happy, content and just downright adorable.


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