Definitive Ranking of the 6 Most Popular Non-Dairy Milk Types

Hate to break it to you, but consuming too much lactose is not good for your tummy.

That's why most of us have turned to dairy alternatives! They taste just as good (if not better) as normal milk. They're great for coffee, baking, smoothies and just about whatever your heart desires. We compiled a list of the most popular types of non-dairy milk and ranked them.

Keep scrolling for our definitive ranking of the six most popular types of non-dairy milk!

6. Soy

You might be surprised to find soy at the very bottom of our list, but hear us out. Soy milk is simply not a healthy option for those with underlying health conditions, like thyroid disease. With so many others out there to choose from, we just don't see the point in putting this liquid into our bodies… especially because it acts as a type of estrogen in our body (and too much of that is not good).

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5. Rice Milk

We put rice milk toward the bottom of our list not because it tastes bad (it's actually pretty good!), but because it's low in protein and high in carbohydrates. While carbs are what keep our bodies moving, consuming too many of them is not good for your body, especially if you're trying to be healthy!


4. Flaxseed Milk

Most people have a love-hate relationship with flaxseed milk. On one hand, it's high in fiber, but, if you already suffer from stomach issues, you should steer clear. Due to the high levels of fiber, it can mess with your tummy, causing gas, bloating and more frequent trips to the bathroom. If you don't have a sensitive stomach, you'll enjoy the taste (it tastes like regular milk).

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3. Oat Milk

We love us a glass of some good ol' oat milk. Since it's derived from oats (duh), it has a slight oat after-taste, but if you like oatmeal, you'll totally become obsessed with this milk alternative. Plus, it'super high in protein, which is great for those who don't quite meet their protein quotas every day.


2. Coconut Milk

Oh baby, coconut milk is where it'at! If you've yet to try this glorious milk alternative, you're majorly missing out. Fair warning… there's definitely a coconut kick, so if you aren't a fan of the fleshy fruit, we recommend giving another non-dairy milk a try, like our No. 1, below!


1. Almond Milk

It's no surprise that almond milk is at the top of our list! This sweet, creamy beverage is good enough to drink with a warm chocolate chip cookie, cereal, and even as a coffee creamer. It's definitely the most versatile of non-dairy milks, and we don't see ourselves ever getting over this delicious refreshment.

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