Definitive Ranking of Prom Movies to Binge Before Your Own

Movies are the best way to prep your mood for any upcoming theme.

Whether the changing leaves signal the start of fall or the gift-giving season has you in the mood for some movies starring Santa, we always reach for our fave films to set the tone for these events.

Prom is no exception.

As we prepare for this monumental night, we have our upcoming weekends queued with movies to get us ready for all the glitz, glamour and drama that only prom can produce.

Continue reading for our definitive ranking of movies that include some majorly iconic prom moments:

9. Teen Spirit

Being a made-for-TV movie, this flick falls short on our list. While the overall value of the ABC Family movie leaves something to be desired, we can at least say that the plot is a bit more inventive than other prom flicks. When the popular prom queen dies in a freak tiara-related incident, her soul must help an unpopular teen (Lindsey Shaw) earn her own queen status. It's interesting and all, but we're a little tired of the narrative that girls need to be pretty and popular to be happy. Been there, done that, agree to disagree, thanks!


8. She's All That

Stay with us here—this may be the most controversial ranking out of the entire list since it is a majorly popular prom movie from the '90s. But if we can all return our attention to the above sentiment about looks equating value, you have our reasoning in a nutshell. The cast in this flick is spot-on (RIP, Paul Walker), but that said, we just can't support the story line of a passionate teen being led on by a bet. Sure, there's a happy ending, but we're more interested in movies with a girl-power plot approach.


7. Mean Girls

Mean Girls isn't exactly a prom movie, but the conflict of the entire film does resolve itself at "spring fling" (aka prom), which is why we'll include this monumental scene on our list. We love the uplifting and inspiring speech that Cady delivers as she breaks the plastic tiara into pieces to share with the other teen queens. This is definitely a movie you'll want to have in your prom binge-watching arsenal, though it definitely isn't the flick you'd lead with.

Cady giving prom queen speech

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)


6.  Footloose

What better way to get in the mood for a dance than with a musical?? The entire plot of this movie revolves around teenagers trying to bring dancing back to a town in which grooving to music has been forbidden. But by the end, everyone is cutting loose. Okay, it may be a little awkward at first as these seniors haven't been dancing their whole lives. But the celebration is enough to make us want to jump off the couch and cut footloose with these country kids. Whether you pop in the OG 1984 version or the recent remake is up to you, though we're partial to the original. Either way, there'so much confetti involved.


5. Pretty in Pink

This movie is such a classic, it's no wonder why the Brat Pack had to make an appearance on our list. From the drama of who's-taking-who to prom, the strain of social class divide, to the pastel pink night itself, you'll love this totally '80s outlook on prom night. Plus, what's not to love about Molly Ringwald (aka Mary Andrews of Riverdale)?! All in all, we're obsessed with this story of teen romance, strong friendships and unwavering individuality.


4. Drive Me Crazy

These next-door neighbors may have nothing in common, but they're taking each other to prom anyway. Of course, it's all part of a plot to win back their exes. The only problem is, these two social opposites end up falling for each other in a story that's equal parts comedic and romantic. This prom-edy will have you wishing you had your own cute next door neighbor to take to the big night. Now's the time to call up yours if you've got a single sweetie next door.

Drive Me Crazy falling in love

(Drive Me Crazy via 20th Century Fox)


3. 10 Things I Hate About You

There are few faults in this prom movie inspired by Shakespeare's play, The Taming of the Shrew. We're all about adaptations, but particularly enjoy a modern makeover like this one. Practically every moment of this movie has become an iconic scene, from the soccer field serenade of "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" to the prom-tastic take-down of the school bully. Okay, we know what you're thinking. We previously mentioned that we aren't on board for plots that revolve around mean-spirited bets, but in this case we think the women really come out on top.


2. Never Been Kissed

If you've never seen Never Been Kissed, it's time to rent this movie stat. With Drew Barrymore starring in this totally original story, you get to relive prom with a character who, years later, returns to high school as an undercover journalist. She may have been a geek when she was a senior, but can she prove that growing up means growing out of your old self? This movie has comedy, drama, romance and so much '90s fashion. We're also obsessed with the aesthetic of this fictional prom, and tbh, we kinda wish our prom was as decorative as the one in this flick.

Never Been Kissed prom scene

(Never Been Kissed via 20th Century Fox)


1. Prom

Well, with a title like that, how could it not come in at the top of our list?! But in all seriousness, this movie gets top marks in all aspects, from story to cast to decor. With the entire flick centered around the big event, this is a prom movie through and through. Equal parts glamorous romance and relatable drama, this is an enjoyable view that's actually based in reality. Whether or not you're excited about this senior-exclusive dance, you'll enjoy watching this Disney movie, which has something for everyone.

Disney's Prom

(Prom via Walt Disney Pictures)


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