9 Degrassi Quotes to Caption Every Instagram Pic

The characters on Degrassi have been through more than the rest of us could ever imagine.

Yet even during their most troubling times, they always find the silver lining and inspire us with their words of wisdom.

It's those wise lines that also happen to make some pretty great Instagram captions. Scroll below for nine uplifting quotes from your fave Degrassi High students to use as your next captions!

For an appreciate post of your ride or die:

"Anything we've gotten through has been together."

-Manny Santos

Emma and Manny on Degrassi

(Degrassi: The Next Generation via Entertainment One)


For a romantic anniversary pic of you and your S.O.:

"Being with someone that you really like is scary. They get to know you and all your qualities, good and bad. I guess I was scared that if you would really get to know me, then you wouldn't like me anymore."

-Zig Novak


For a silly snap of you being unapologetically you:

"If people want to make fun of you, they're going to find a reason. Too rich, too poor, too fat, too skinny. Just live your life."

-Miles Hollingsworth III


For a photo of your excellent report card:

"Even I'm amazed at my brilliance."

-Paige Michalchuk

Paige from Degrassi

(Degrassi: The Next Generation via Entertainment One)


For a post-breakup selfie announcing you're over it:

"Let's declare the revolution begun—to heck with guys!"

-Emma Nelson


For a sweet candid of you and your besties showcasing how strong your friendship really is:

"Thing is, life is random. And sometimes it's tragic and totally messed up. But there's one thing that makes all the drama and tears worthwhile—if you're lucky enough to find someone you love, who loves you back, it's a gift."

-Jimmy Brooks

Jimmy and Ashley on Degrassi

(Degrassi: The Next Generation via Entertainment One)


For an adventurous snap of you exploring the world by yourself:

"The worst mistakes are the ones you never learn from."

-Liberty Van Zandt


For a cute pic of your pup smiling at the camera:

"Did anyone ever tell you you have pretty eyes?"

-Eli Goldsworthy


For a #TBT of how far you've come over the years:

"Don't be afraid of change, no matter how scary it seems."

-Fiona Coyne

Adam and Fiona on Degrassi

(Degrassi: The Next Generation via Entertainment One)


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