Mark your calendars because today is National Garlic Day today!

What makes this holiday so epic? While may think that garlic is only for bold and savory dishes, it’s time to learn the truth.

Garlic can be incorporated into delectable desserts—and that’s where we come in. If your love for garlic is as strong as ours, you’ll want to try recreating every one of the tempting recipes below.

1. Apple Spice Cake With Roasted Garlic

Apple spice cake is delicious enough on its own, but add in roasted garlic and you have THIS uniquely mouth-watering dessert you can snack morning or night.

Apple spice cake with roasted garlic

(via All Roads Lead to the Kitchen)


2. Black Garlic Chocolate Cake With Raspberry Sauce

Raspberry and chocolate are one of the best dessert combinations around, but black garlic is exactly the ingredient you need to make it that much more enjoyable. Read the recipe HERE.

Black garlic chocolate cake with raspberry sauce

(via Sift and Whisk)


3. Black Garlic & Chocolate Truffles

Add layers of zesty flavor to your chocolate truffles using THIS recipe. They’re also extremely easy to pack in a lunch—just saying. 

Black garlic and chocolate truffles

(via Garlic Matters)


4. Garlic Brittle Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are so yesterday amirite? Garlic brittle cookies are the new thing to make and they won’t disappoint. Grab the recipe HERE.

Garlic brittle cookies

(via The Gilded Fork)


5. Pineapple-Garlic Upside Down Cake

If there was ever a time to be adventurous with your food choices, it’s now. Using THIS bold recipe, go to a place even most serious garlic lovers haven’t gone before.

Pineapple-garlic upside down cake



6. Black Garlic Brownies

By now we’ve established that garlic can go with chocolate. That means it’s time to amp up your classic brownies using THIS recipe.

Black garlic brownies

(via The Garlic Farm)


Garlic-infused desserts are one thing, but have you seen THESE crazy waffle recipes?