Need an Elegant Valentine's Gift? Try Delysia Chocolatier's Goddess of Love Truffle Collection

Valentine's Day is going to be here before we know it, but if you're thinking of gifting your special someone with chocolates this year, I beg you not to resort to a boring (and bland) box from the grocery store.

Part of my job involves trying chocolate after chocolate (until I'm totally sick of looking at chocolate). In recent years, I've gotten pretty picky, so believe me when I say that Delysia Chocolatier's Valentine's offerings aren't just gorgeous, but also incredibly tasty and decent. The brand was kind enough to send me their 16-piece Goddess of Love truffle collection for review, and after digging in, I can say that this is a Valentine's Day gift that's sure to impress.

The Brand

All of Delysia Chocolatier's chocolates are handcrafted in Austin, Texas at their Culinary Center & Chocolate Boutique. They're handmade in the Parisian style using only the freshest ingredients, ethically sourced and sustainable chocolate and zero preservatives. Over 80% of their chocolates are also kosher and gluten-free, and they also offer vegan and dairy-free chocolate varieties. They're also recognizable at a glance, with their signature square shape and artful, colorful patterns that don't quite look like any chocolates we've seen before. Their Goddess of Love Collection, featuring 16 truffles in four fruity flavors, retails for $55.95.


The Goddess of Love Collection

First of all, the Goddess of Love truffle collection comes exquisitely packaged in a bold red box, complete with a white bow. But the treats inside are even more spectacular. While the top row of chocolates features a white and pink stamped heart pattern, the one below it features cute and colorful conversation hearts, the third is adorned with pink and red X's and O's and the bottom row features heart-tipped Cupid arrows. And yes, they taste as good as they look.

Delysia chocolatier goddess of love collection box

(via Delysia Chocolatier)



The pink and white heart Adoration chocolate is made with milk chocolate infused with rose for a lightly floral twist on a sweet classic. But even better, it has a layer of raspberry hibiscus jelly that gives it a wonderfully sharp fruit flavor. This one was a personal favorite for me and my husband, and was gone before we'd even dug into the next flavors!




Next up was the Passion flavor, which has a more colorful appearance and a more subtle and complex flavor palette. First, you taste the honey-blended milk chocolate before the other notes come in, including allspice and warm figs. I'm personally not a big fan of the crunchy fig seed pieces in the chocolate, but I'all about the flavor.

Delysia chocolatier goddess of love collection

(via Delysia Chocolatier)



Delysia's Unity truffle combines dark chocolate with tart, bright pomegranate to create an experience akin to eating chocolate-dipped fruit. It's also packed with sweet strawberry and pomegranate seeds at the center for a more punchy flavor. Again, I could do without the seeds, but I could eat these vibrantly flavored chocolates all day long.



Last, but certainly not least, is the Love chocolate, a spiced wine berry chocolate truffle. This bittersweet chocolate has lovely, fruity notes accentuated further by mulling spices, which give it a flavor reminiscent of chai. The flavors all work together beautifully to create something one-of-a-kind and familiar all at once.


Bottom Line

If you love chocolates, especially ones with bold, fruity notes and unique flavor pairings, this Delysia Chocolatier box has your name on it. Yes, it's a bit pricey—but all the best Valentine's chocolates are—and the quality really shines through in everything from the appearance of the box to the chocolate decorations themselves, and of course the ingredients within the chocolates. If you don'love fruits with seeds, that might be a dealbreaker, but I dislike them and I still loved the two chocolates that included them.


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