Demi Hosts Nationwide Contest to Promote Her Campaign!

Disney Channel star Demi Lovato has joined forces with Aeropostale and the Do Something network to promote the fifth annual Teens for Jeans campaign.

The denim drive will hit schools around the nation in hopes of helping the growing number of homeless teens. It's not at all surprising that jeans are the number one requested item by teens, as most of us couldn't imagine having to go without our favorite pair.

We think it's pretty cool that Demi is passionate about helping those in need. Get in on her good karma by participating in this campaign – not only will you make a huge difference in someone's life, but you could also get your school $5,000 and a rockin' pair of Aeropostale jeans for every kid in the school!

Crawl to the back of your closet and find those jeans you've grown out of both physically and style-wise before February 12th to make a huge difference in someone's life. Go to or text JEANS to 38383 to get involved.

What do you think about Demi helping out with this campaign? Does the star's generosity inspire you to give back?