Demi Lovato Considers Herself the Toughest X Factor Judge!

Demi Lovato explained to MTV that, when it comes to her judging on the X Factor, honesty is the best policy.

"I try to be positive as much as I can, but sometimes you've just got to tell people that singing is not for them," she said. "When I hear a good singer, sometimes I critique them so that they can be better. And it's not that they're bad."

Still, Demi's not all about critiques and criticisms of the contestants. When she feels that someone has the X Factor, she lets it be known.

"When I hear someone that I absolutely love or someone that I believe in, I'll stick up for them, even if everyone else votes no. I'm really honest on the show and sometimes I come off as the toughest judge. I guess you can say I speak my mind."

And even though she knows Simon Cowell is a veteran of judging these types of contests, she doesn't always trust his judgment.

"Sometimes I cannot see what Simon sees in the people he puts through. And same with Britney [Spears]. I'm like, 'Britney, what are you thinking?' But there are more times I relate with Britney [more] than Simon, actually. Maybe because we're the two girls on the show."

What do you think of Demi's judging so far?