Demi Lovato's Dancing with the Devil… the Art of Starting Over Lyrics as Instagram Captions

Demi Lovato's seventh studio album, Dancing With the Devil… the Art of Starting Over is an epic masterpiece, and we won't stop listening to it anytime soon.

Featuring 19 stellar tracks at Demi's most brutally honest and authentic, it's a peek into her soul like we've never quite seen before. And, as we expected, it's jam-packed with incredible lyrics—some relatable, some poignantly unknowable—that are as biting as they are poetic.

To celebrate the release today, here are some of our favorite lyrics from the album—and when to use them as exquisite Instagram captions.

For when you've been going through a lot, but keeping it to yourself:

"I told you I was okay, but I was lying."

-"Dancing With the Devil"


For documenting that moment of profound self-care:

"You better love yourself before you go."

-"Lonely People"


For that thing that feels like a sign from the cosmos:

"The universe is trying to remind me."

-"The Art of Starting Over"


For the pic with that person you trust fully and completely:

"You can safely put your heart in my hands."

-"The Type of Lover I Am"


For when you've finally learned to speak your truth and ask for what you want:

"There was a time I was livin' as a prisoner inside my own mind."

-"Melon Cake"

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For when your wishes simply aren't coming true:

"I talk to shooting stars but they always get it wrong."



For when you're still mourning that difficult breakup:

"The hardest part of leavin' is accepting all the reasons that somehow we keep repeating endlessly."



For when being artistic helps you get to your happy place:

"Tune it out with a little bit of paint and plaster."

-"Good Place"


For the pic of you and all of your girls out on the town:

"Got a team full of queens, bad, boujee and royal."

-"My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriend"


For when you realize solitude isn't the worst thing in the world:

"I'm an island, I'm alone, but I'm alive."

-"Lonely People"

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For when you're finally ready to forgive and forget:

"Forgiveness is the hardest truth. It's something that you have to choose."



For the pic of you and the person who's always looked up to you:

"Tried to protect you, I want to direct you to keep you from my mistakes."

-"ICU (Madison's Lullabye)"


For lamenting the fact you've fallen for another bad boy:

"How could I ever believe him? That one look could be so deceivin'."

-"Met Him Last Night"


For showing the world you're working through things and feeling happy:

"Now I'm in a good place. Took a while to feel this way."

-"Good Place"


For warding off everyone who's not ready for the full you:

"Approach with caution, I can get overwhelming."


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For when you've made some choices along the way that you would rather not have:

"I'm livin' the life that I said I wouldn't and wanna go back."

-"What Other People Say"


For when you feel like you're talking and no one's listening:

"Tired of empty conversation 'cause no one hears me anymore."



For when you have no intention of apologizing:

"Only thing I'm not is sorry."

-"Lonely People"


For flaunting whatever you consider your superheroic abilities:

"Yeah, I'm imprеssive, I know my superpowers."



For being honest about your state of mind:

"I've been called an emotional disaster."

-"Good Place"

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For when you're ready to start paving a new road in life:

"Give me a pen, I'm rewriting another ending. It didn't turn out the way that I wanted."

-"The Art of Starting Over"


For introducing the world to the new you:

"Let me take you on a journey—one that sheds the skin of my past and embodies the person I am today."



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