Demi Lovato Gives Tips On How To #Staystrong and Live a Balanced Life!

Seventeen's contributing editor, Demi Lovato, shares how she finds time for herself even with her crazy busy schedule.

"Well, I have had a very busy past couple weeks. It has been so exciting! I just got back from NYC and I loved it there! I got to perform on Good Morning America and on VH1. I also stopped by to visit Jimmy Fallon and to perform at the Hammerstein Ballroom. One of the fans at my NYC show actually dressed up like a Skyscraper made out of a cardboard box! So cool. Everyone I met was awesome and it was a really special trip. I also released my new album Unbroken while I was in NYC. I still can't believe that it debuted at #1 on iTunes!! I could not do any of this without all of your support and I thank each and every one of you.

I had soooo much fun performing in NYC and LA for sold-out crowds. I feel so blessed and lucky to do what I do every day, and even when I get tired on the road or doing press, I remember that getting to perform music for my fans makes every busy day worth it!

To stay strong and healthy in the midst of the craziness, it's really important to me to try to find a balance between work and personal time. I love what I do so much that sometimes it's tough to tell the difference! But to make sure I find time for myself, I think about my family and friends and fans who support me no matter what—it's that unwavering love that helps me stay calm and focused. When I'm on the road, I like to have dinner with friends and family and try to see some sights. When I was in LA for my last show, I made time to go bowling afterward, and it was so much fun!

It's also really important that I keep myself healthy when I'm traveling. I try to make time for naps if I have to get up really early. I also make sure to drink hot tea with honey when I am talking a lot during interviews or singing on stage every day. And luckily, dancing and staying active also helps me to feel healthy and happy. But performing takes a lot of energy so I have to make sure I eat enough and get plenty of sleep.

Traveling is so exciting, but it also feels good to come home! Thanks to everyone who is listening to Unbroken right now. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Stay Strong!


Demi Lovato