Demi Lovato in Africa? Demi Plans B-day Trip!

We can't wait to see Demi Lovato in Africa! Demi recently announced her 21st birthday plans to the world on The Ralphie Show in New York City when she announced a charity trip to Africa!

Demi Lovato in Africa

"I'm actually going to go to Africa," Demi said on the 95.5 WPLJ radio station. "I am just going to do a bunch of charity stuff and I feel like the best way to celebrate anyone's birthday is just giving back and helping others.

Demi's birthday is August 20, but it looks like she's already got everything planned out! Demi plans to make the trip with her mom and her sister, Dallas.

Demi was invited to go and decided that she couldn't pass up the opportunity! The event happened to fall on Demi's 21st birthday. She decided that it looked like it was meant to be!

Demi Lovato has shown off her caring nature and love for important causes in the past, so it came as no surprise that she'd want to spend her birthday giving back!

"It's just about breaking the stereotype," Demi said. "I think it's really funny. Birthdays are all about celebrating life, and people are very blessed to even make it to 21. The last thing I think anyone should be doing on their birthday is poisoning themselves."

Demi has never been to Africa and said she's really excited about the trip. She said that a lot of surprises are in store for her. We can't wait to hear more of the details of Demi Lovato in Africa!